1. I can win WSOP seats, rebuys, whatever... but I've never cashed in a $20 180 man in about 50 played.

    This will change tonight, I will be playing them until I am broke or until I f'ng cash in one. I'm so sick of sucking in these.

    Jump in if you want... I will keep everyone progressed on my -100% ROI in these tournaments.

    Any advice on wtf I'm doing wrong?
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  2. transfer me 22$, and ill chip dump to you. that will def break your -100% ROI.

    unless you dont cash, then wouldnt it be >-100% ROI?
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  3. you probably havent done anything wrong man. Those 180 man 20s on PS are the hardest tournies to cash in. Pokerstars is the only site im not up a significant amount of money and its all because i have blown off a bunch of money in those 20's
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  4. see I've absolutely killed the $4 on there when I played them back when... And I've heard there's absolutely zero difference between them.

    Stars has been my home site and although I've done extremely well on other sites, I just love my pokerstars. I just can't do well in these particular tournaments.
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  5. Im not sure what your talking about hendricks cause the $20 180 mans on stars are straight cake.
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  6. Never EVER bluff. Don't play big pots unless you've got a pretty nut hand. Anytime I try to build chips early I just crash and burn and usually finish in the 40s trying to resteal on some idiot with A4o
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  7. You really can almost fold you way to getting close to the money. Just play really really tight until the ante's kick in.
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  8. This is exactly what happened to me. Pwn 4's suck in 20's. Wish it was the other way around.
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  9. That is sick you havent cashed in one of these, When I the worst player on the site has a 5th place finish in one of these on my resume..
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  10. Nah Fink, I'm the worst... but I took down 2nd for a $850 chop on one of these back on April 20th. It was a good 4:20 this year...

    Sadly, that's my biggest score, but that's gonna change when I win the FTP 8K tonight!
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  11. i won like 3 or 4 of them now and have cashed in a bunch, u really just gotta play super tight for most of it and build a stack and just try and not get involved unless u need to, its pretty much playing abc poker untilt he bubble and at that point if u can get lucky once, win a race, or have ur hand hold up once u'll be good, gl
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  12. I've made two final tables this week. (6th both times, but that's another story) 20/180's are incredibly soft especially around the bubble, where if you stay agressive you can gain a ton of chips from people just trying to fold to the final 18.
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  13. Folding to cash is the only way to go.
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  14. play these extremely TAG early on until down to 80 or so, then you will cash in many of these
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  15. It is ridiculously easy to pwn these if you have a big stack with 30 left. People are so scared of the bubble its piss your pants funny.

    I have like a 67% ROI over 300+ of them, they aren't hard to pwn, there are at least 10 people I can name off the top of my head who crush these easily.
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  16. Is this counting yourself?
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  17. lol my friends and I call these "the cursed tourneys". I do well in MTTs, but I wish I had the money back i've spent in these. F the 180 man $22 tourneys.
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  18. are you sure about that?
    <TABLE class=sortTable id=t1 borderColor=black border=1><TBODY id=tablerows><TR class=sortTable id="phidelt149#pokerstars& E><TD class=sortTable align=middle><A onclick="addgraph('phidelt149#pokerstars& E>=180 S>=20')" href="http://www.sharkscope.com/index.jsp#">phidelt149</A><INPUT onclick=showpreferences(); type=image height=20 width=40 src="http://www.sharkscope.com/images/shark.gif"></TD><TD class=sortTable align=middle>214</TD><TD class=sortTable title="The Av. Profit is the Average Profit Per Game after rake has been subtracted." align=right>$10 </TD><TD class=sortTable title="The Av. Stake is the average tournament buy-in amount." align=right>$20 </TD><TD class=sortTable title="The Av. ROI is the Average of each game's Return On Investment. It is the average of each (Payout-(Stake+Rake))/(Stake+Rake). This is not the same as total ROI which is (Total Payouts-(Total Rake+Total Stakes))/(Total Stakes+Total Rake)." align=middle>47%</TD><TD class=sortTable title="The Total Profit is the net profit for this player (and includes rake)." align=right>$2,207</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
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  19. Sweet, someone else sucks as much at these as I do! I've played about 20 of them and I've never cashed. I usually go completely card dead, get sucked out or coolered in these, and I don't even usually make it to the bubble. Sharkscope says my Stars ROI is like 30%, but at the $20 level it's -100000000%. It's crazy.

    I don't think I'm doing anything wrong though, so you probably aren't either. I remember one time I was multi-tabling SNGs and I finished 2nd 10 straight times where I was heads up; I thought I must be playing wrong. Then all of a sudden I won 9 straight times when heads up.

    The V word is a bitch sometimes. Let me know when you finally cash...gl. Wein owns.
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  20. uhh you dont really ahve to play TAG to be succesful. i play anything but TAG.
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  21. ^ true I do ok in these and Ive been known to play a little lag.
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  22. you are thinking of going pro, yet you are 0 for 50 cashing in the $20 180 mans? those tourneys are ridiculously easy.
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  23. Those #s are incorrect ronjon... I got mine from Stars, and I maintain a personal Excel spreadsheet. Be more than happy to email it to anyone.

    Although those #s are still better than ZeeDustin's LOL. :)
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