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  1. So, I made a final table of a live tournament in the UK (small stakes), 7 got paid from a final table of 10. 7th would be my money back, so I was less bothered about 7th, and more bothered about winning.

    I came to the final table with average stack, 120K. One guy (V) had 260K, there were some smaller stacks, 50-80K and a couple more around 100K.

    Blinds 4000/8000 ante 500.

    V, who was aggro, 260K chip leader, playing a lot of hands opened MP 17K. I call with AJo, ranging him small pair but most likely AT/AJ/AQ as he made similar raises with these holdings before. BB completed but folded the flop.

    Flop 422. V cbets for 23K. H calls. BB folds.

    Turn T. V checks. At this point I know he has AQ/AK and is capable of folding.

    H jams - 75K - around pot. H tanks, says 'most likely you have trapped me with AA/KK/QQ' but still calls with AQo.

    1. Is my jam terribad? I wouldn't win at showdown with AJo vs AQ/AK which I v strongly read him to have, and there was a good chance I would get a fold.

    My range playing as I played (in my head) is 77+, AT, AK. Turn brought two cards to flush but that wasn't a consideration the way it was played.

    2. Did V make a bad call for half his remaining stack approx? AQ not likely to be very good there very often is it? He is beating on a bluff or a hand like AJ trying to pose as 88/99/AT.

    I thought I had made a decent play initially, but would appreciate you guys' views. Cheers.
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  2. OK, all the 50K-100K are in a pre-flop ship/fold mode and should be shipping fairly wide. These are your targets.

    The BB should be calling a 2.1x uncalled open with almost any 2 cards, and a called 2.1x open (this one) with any 2 cards. This ensures you a multi-way pot if you flat, a bad outcome.

    At 120K you have 15BBs so you should be 3-bet shipping any hand you go with. Instead you decided to play a pot against the one stack than can bust you, not clear why as AJ is a bad hand to do this with, it's to easily dominated.

    As played to your ship the pot looks like 158K and his call is 52K or about 3:1 direct pot odds for him to call so I doubt you have much if any fold equity so a bad ship IMO.

    What could we do differently?

    1. You have an easily dominated hand, you're only really happy with a J-high flop and the boss stack opened so fold.
    2. With 15 BBs, if we are going with the hand then 3-bet ship pre-flop...

    Either of these is OK but I would prefer to 3-bet ship with better or worse as weak As fair very poorly when called. Race with small pairs or 98, 87, 76 are all better, you are a small fav in the races and more likely to have 2 live cards with the mid connectors and none of that changes the fold equity of your ship.

    my 2 cents
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  3. I like saukendar's analysis here and I have no issues with it. In game I'm probably thinking about ICM considerations which are definitely relevant. If I'm being honest I probably take the same line as you but i shut down on the turn. You beat nothing except the rare KQ and you should be trying to get to showdown but not at the risk of your stack at this point. Villain has major range advantage on you since you didn't 3bet pre. I don't see how you have any "traps" given table dynamics and stack sizes. It's ok to have some give ups man. That's what battling back is all about.
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  4. Agree with Saukander, this is a shove/fold spot, personally I'd just toss this and hope to find a better spot.
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    Originally Posted by saukendar View Post

    As played to your ship the pot looks like 158K and his call is 52K or about 3:1 direct pot odds for him to call so I doubt you have much if any fold equity so a bad ship IMO.

    Thanks for the reply. I agree with you - having reflected on it, I should have just folded pre and should have let the small stacks fight more. Maybe I lost my head in the moment.

    The turn though was a shove from me of about 75k into 97K so his odds are just worse than 1.5:1 aren't they? He's got to put 75K into the 97K, so 75K to win 172k? I thought that should increase the frequency with which he folds AQo on 422T.

    I agree though, I shouldn't have been in that spot, but re. the actual spot itself, is it as Negrealanu says, that he has such a range advantage over me that he will call regardless? But can I not call with 88/99/AT in that spot, and shove a 'safe' turn? If I had 88/99 and got checked to on a T turn, I may shove to protect the PP in that spot and hope V didn't trap check. Or is this way of thinking too leaky?
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  6. 100% 3bet or fold ...u have good blockers and will takre the pot away from better hand on the flop.. calling with AJ is bad because u know he is agrow and bet 90% on flops
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  7. I was briefly on V's table last night again in a different tourney and he confirmed the analysis above was his thinking - not much more I could have. Though he did say if it was someone else he would have folded, but 'knew I was capable of making a move there' which also swayed him into calling. #adjustmenttime
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