1. I've never really seen any discussion on this. What do you all think about straddling (especially in a casino that allows live straddling where you have the option to raise when it comes back to you).

    I played a lot at Foxwoods over the past year (mostly only 4-8 limit) and saw a few people who straddled at almost every opportunity. Of course sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't. I've only done it once or twice when i was ready to leave anyway and since it's a good way to build up a big pot i figured it's a good way to go out with a bang if i catch a decent hand.

    Anyway, just wanted to see some discussion about it, whether it's generally just considered a total donkey move or if any serious players do it.
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  2. i play 1-2NL at foxwoods and make a killing .... i personally love the donkeys who straddle because it shows me who exactly has no concept of the game... especially when its done at a table that is already a frickin action fest.... why do you want to put MORE money in with a random hand in the worst position on the table post flop?
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  3. i only straddle when table is too tight for my liking. and only in NL
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  4. Couple of Rules to make Straddling a good play.

    1.) You must be insanely bored, and the excitement will perk you up.

    2.) You must hate solid play and hate raising when you have +EV, as you are raising blind without seeing your cards.

    If you follow the above rules you'll be OK, and comfortably fit into the masses, as the majority of Poker Players lose.

    Teasing a bit if that wasn't obvious, I personally think some of the worst plays are Straddling and blind declarations, ie. "I check in the dark" etc.. without a really good reason.

    Good Luck to you
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  5. can someone define straddling for me?
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  6. yah it is ridiculous to do with bad players who only play their own cards anyway. the only time i'll do it- and this has happened only once - is when i want to look like an idiot/donkey.
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  7. <HR> straddling is when the person under the gun makes a blind raise of 2 or 3 times the blind before cards are dealt...this enables this person to have the final option instead of the big blind having the option

    also i disagree with people who think straddling is stupid...its a very effective tool in no limit cash games if you know how to bet correctly when you have straddled
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  8. If you are next to act from the Big Blind, you double the blinds before any cards are dealt. It is simply a Blind Raise in First Position.
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  9. Hmm, possibly, not familiar with it's use in NL Cash Games. I was speaking In LHE.

    Care to elaborate of it's proper use in NLHE?

    I'm thinking maybe a 1-2 NLHE or something relative.
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  10. It's much more useful in NL. It allows you to be last to act before the flop, which is really important...You can straddle from any position, at least in some NL games.
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  11. in nlhe you straddle and then you raise it 4x your straddle to collect the 8-10 bbs from the limpters. Its a play for aggresive players.. if you are taking 65% of the pots at table then every loop around your getting a pot that starts off bigger already... depends how you play.

    I dont like to straddle often but when i do stradle it has a purpose.

    generally its to ruin my tight image so i can get paid off bigger in a later hand.. i always give away money at a table to earn more later.
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  12. sure...
    i play 1-2 and 5-5 no limit in a bunch of new york city clubs daily and basically there are always maniacs at the table who know what they are doing but think they are much better than they are so with that in mind

    i straddle every time it is my turn for the max straddle with is 3 times the big blind...i do this for 2 reasons...the first is to obviously generate action...the second is to see how it influences the game and how people will react to it....i generally play any hand i straddle blind for the rest of the hand to work on my reading skills and to just outplay people..obviously if someone raises my straddle and there a few callers i will look but generally heads up i will call blind and play it out....also when i do straddle if no one has raised and not everybody has limped in i like to at least double the straddle just to make them uncomfortable and to see how they will react to being in a pot that is much bigger than they expected it to be....its a good thing to do sometimes but not all the time obviously

    either way in general i believe they should allowing straddling in all casino's for it generates much more action than when you cannot, for example in atlantic city they do not allow straddling for one reason or another....if you learn how to affectively play your straddle most of the time you will not need to look at your cards to take down a huge pot....straddling much more allows you to play the man rather than the cards because people will not limp with hands they would normally limp in with for 3 times the blind
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  13. Thank you Tarbash, very interesting,

    Good Luck to you
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  14. you too boss
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  15. Good point, I noticed nothing livens a tight table up better than a few straddles. It seems to make some people play worse cards because the pot gets bigger and they think if only they hit their flop they'll catch the big payoff. When I was first learning the game I used to think like that.
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  16. I definately agree that straddling is much better for NL or PL games. Especially if you think you can outplay people after the flop and you are one of the better players. i played a 5/10 PL game a few times where some of the players wanted to play bigger so 3 or 4 of them would straddle everytime. Also this is very uncommon but i was playin 10/20 PLO hi/lo at commerce one day and Jean Robert Bellande and some other guy always straddled the button, which was kinda weird and i had never seen before. Apparently you can only do it in PL games? i dont really know. haha.
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  17. Straddling is what Socman1257s mom does to me every time she comes to my house. : )
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  18. just got home from playing 1/2 no limit in new york city and straddled every hand for about 5 hours...every hand i could obviously i don't know how it is everywhere else but here a straddle is only the person who is under the gun...the next player can continue it and so on but the under the gun player must straddle first....either way i crushed the game cashing out about 1700 starting with 250 (table max)

    big hand of the night because of the straddle mind you

    its late in the session nobody has less than about 500 dollars i have about 950....i straddle for 6 dollars...first to act calls next player who is very fast and loose makes it 25
    so i look down and see 54 off so i'm like what the hell lets protect the straddle this time so i call and to my surprise the UTG limper makes it 50 straight
    i'm surprised because i have played with him before and he never limps with big hands especially with me at the table, we have our own little history....
    anyway the initial raiser calls immediatly so i'm like what the hell i'm already half way there why not take a flop

    FLOP - 4d Ad 4s
    jackpot ..lol...either way i check the aggressor bets out 100 other player folds i call

    TURN - 4c
    even better so i check again for two reasons first if he had an ace he would have to bet and second i knew he didn't think i had the 4, but if i had bet he would have been a little wary
    he bets out 150....i think for a little while and just call

    RIVER - Kd
    which was another great card for me....if he raised with ak or kk or aa i was golden in this spot because he woudl think his bigger boat was best....this time i'm not sure how strong he his i know he has at least the ace so worst case he will think its a chop and call a reasonably sized bet so i have like 700 and change left i bet out 250 into 650... a reasonable bet basically i was just betting for value hear....
    he waits a couple of minutes and says i'm all in and we had about the same amount of money i had about 100 more...i look at him and say sorry man i guess you got there with the king but it was two late
    i flip over my quads and he is sick flipping over kings for kings full

    could'nt have scripted it better

    oh and by the way kate hudson (the actress) and her brother oliver were there...damn that bitch looks good and she winked at me when i won the hand i almost jumped on top of her lol
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  19. i think a live straddle in a LIMIT game is about as silly as a minimum raise in a NL game--- straddling has its purpose in a nl game but makes no sense to me in a limit game.. imho ofcourse...gl
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  20. You know what I like better than straddling in a low-limit, no-limit game? NOTHING!! Most players have no CLUE what a straddle is, so when Im up big, or catching a cold run of cards, I throw it in there just to confuse people. Yes, it is useful to take away positional advantage, but people at the 1/2 tables I PROMISE YOU do not think about positional advantage very often...lol
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  21. There are also 'dead' straddles that I think are pretty stupid. You have no option to raise in a game that only allows 'dead' straddles. I've used 'live' straddles in limit games when the table is too tight. The idea is to get the entire table to agree to do it for 1 round to loosen up the game. Not everyone will agree, but if half or more does it, it usually works out.

    I've also played with straddles in a NL 5-5-10 game. In this structure, the opening bet is always 2x the size of the biggest blind and you can have up to 2 straddles. This means that one person will put out $20 and another can put out $40 making it $80 to call preflop. As Adam already mentioned, this gives you a huge advantage because you are last to act before the flop.

    Also, a limit game straddle is only allowed from UTG, but in NL it's allowed from any position.
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  22. Very good point jsbyun..."dead" straddling isnt very effective...the point of a "live" straddle is not only to take positional advantage away, but you can RERAISE once the action gets back to you....
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