1. My question is this:
    I've only been playing online a short time and have just switched over to limit. I have a good handle on the math and for the most part am fairly disciplined. My problem is once i get a really bad run of cards or a run of bad beats I lose focus and play outside of my normal game and start playing poorly.At this time should I give up for the day or is there any methoed for regaining focus that any one uses?
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  2. OK, Dude, I suck I'm new also.. hell I was on here asking what books to start with just last night. but I'm gonna swing at it here and I may be so far off base so anyone feel free to put me in my place. I've noticed in limit holdem at low stakes people call everysingle hand. in a cash game there is no way you are bluffing anyone off the pot and they will call you down with an A high sometimes in low - limit holem' . never know they may be hitting 2 pair with crappy hands that is beating your two jacks.. that is why at this moment I'm playing no limit sng's.

    Sometimes I think it's best to just say screw it for the day and take your mind off it. come on here and read stuff, go smoke a cigarette. whatever. Sometimes I notice that I'll make a stupid call because I got tilted by a donk. there is a great article on here today about this BTW. I suggest you read it. On the other hand some days if I get tilted I'll go to the garage, smoke a cig. mess with the car for a second. think about how I let myself get into such a bad situation and be more cautious of it when i return. best thing to do is just make sure you shruged it off before you play again.

    Best of luck dude,
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  3. DON'T ever play low stakes limit games........either online or live....EVER.....you will ALWAYS see 6 or 7 people in every pot chasing rainbows.....A-A will NEVER win in this scenario....ever.....low stakes limit games are ridiculous....no skill involved at all.....may as well go flip coins in the street for money......

    Move into the $25 no limit online tables.......blinds are low......and you can sit down with just $5 until you learn the ropes.........
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  4. If I start running bad I'll drop limits..switch games or switch sites. But its never a bad decision to quit if you arent playing your 'A' game and giving yourelf a break.
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  5. I have been playing low limit (.50/1) since September and have found that while many people will stick around to try and catch running cards, i have found that by playing aggressively it can be profitable. Im not saying that you can make as much money as fast as you can by playing in NL or tournaments, but there is some dead money out there. Since I started playing i have made just over $1000, which to me is great. Im not looking for poker to be a main source of income, but it is nice extra cash to have around.

    when i hit a run of bad cards i usually just take the rest of the day off and start again the next day refreshed. When i first started i found myself starting to change up my play, but it never worked out. I always ended up loseing to SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTED cards, and it really sucks. Eventually i started to realize this and make sure i played consistently throughout the session.

    Hope this helps a little, just watch out for the SOOOTED cards.
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  6. Of course, no one ever chases and sucks out in the $25 NL games ;)

    Whether you play limit or NL is largely a matter of taste and the two games require different skills.
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  7. I play mostly 5/10 limit and even there the fact of the matter is it is a showdown game. Jam the pots when you have a great hand and get out when you dont and you should be able to grind out a decent amount, but it is a grind.
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  8. i would just take a break. Poker is a mind game, not a card game. If you arent in the right frame of mind you should NOT play. WHen you feel yourself going on tilt or playing less than your optimal game take a break. Your bankroll will thank you.
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