1. Hey P5s.

    I played live poker tonight for the first time in a loooooooong time and got into a slightly interesting spot.

    The game was at a small poker club in São Paulo (Brazil), with blinds equivalent to about 5 cents / 10 cents. So a small game, but the standard seemed ok.

    The villain in this hand is the kind of player who has put in a lot of cash voluntarily but not been too aggressive. Calls a lot of hands. The only times I've seen him make bets on turn / river, he's had it.

    So in this hand I am in the big blind with the five deuce of clubs. There are three limpers, the SB completes and I check.

    Flip is 6-4-2 rainbow. Guy in the HJ bets really small (this guy is a bit of a fish). Villain on the button calls, and I throw in the call.

    Turn is the 2 of spades, giving me trips and putting a spade flush draw on the board.

    I check (bad?), flop bettor checks, and then the button decides to bet quite big, close to pot. I call, HJ folds and we go to the river.

    River is the J of hearts, changing pretty much nothing. I check. Villain bets close to pot again.

    What is the move here? Am I too high in my distribution to fold?
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  2. You played it super passive, at no point did you make any action that would indicate you had a 2. He bet a bit less than pot so you are getting a bit over 2:1 put another way you have to be good one time in three to be +EV, I think you have to call.

    my 2 cents
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  3. I think you should definitely call this river. Aside from the odds of having to be correct 1/3 times, what does V have? He just called a small flop bet, then when V2 checks, V bets pot. He could have 77-JJ or something like A6/A6s/K6s, or maybe the odd 64s, and betting to protect. If V has 66/44 full, then so be it, but limping then calling a mini bet on flop suggests something of not super strength when going to bet full pot on turn.

    What did you do?
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