1. Let's say he's nor loose nor tight (neutral I guess) do I use an aggressive strategy or a passive one? Thi g is Harrington says if you have under m ratio 20 u should play aggressive however he says if you have 20+ u can choose your strategy. Heads up sit n go
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  2. If I'm playing heads up and have let's say I have 40 big blinds no antes in a sit n go. From harrigntons theory my ONLY move is all in or fold. Here's his theory.

    M= chip stack divided by small blind big blind and antes (no antes in my example).

    So let's say I have 40,000 stakes 500/1000.

    This equals just a bit more than 25

    He says you have to incorporate how many players there are so use this.

    Mtotal= M x ( players divided by 10 )

    So you do 25 x (2 divided by 10 )

    This equals 5.

    There are 5 zones

    m ratio

    20+ Comfortable stack size to play suited connecters small pocket pairs and get paid off. Can play tight or aggressive
    10-20. Need to be abit more aggro steal blind and re steal really players connecters and small pockets for value
    6-10 Steal blinds but can't re steal
    1-6. All in or fold
    0-1. Any 2

    As you can see my equation gets me to 1-6 (ALL IN OR FOLD). is this correct? Please help
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  3. I would throw out Harrington when heads up, and use Nash Equalibrium

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  4. Harrington is referring to full table tournament I believe, not heads up.
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