1. I am going to play one of the qualifers for the EPT today and I am not sure which one to play. I don't have time to go to both and I want to focus on one and set a goal to qualify for that one. I have been to Italy a few times and those trips have been some of the best in my life, but I have never been to San Remo although I am sure it is beautiful like the rest of Italy.
    I have never been to Monte Carlo and all I know is that it is a very wealthy place with a lot of nice hotels and casinos and I have heard that they have Mercedes as taxi cabs, lol, but that is all I know. Did any of you who went last year have a good time aside from playing poker? Do you have to wear a coat and tie when in the casino? That would be a big drawback for me, lol.
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  2. play both and if you win both ask them to xfer your seat to a future event
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  3. San Remo is ok, Monte Carlo is like the coolest place on earth.

    I've been to both. Besides, San Remo is only like 90 minutes drive from Monte Carlo.
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  4. even closer luke! 25 miles!! 40 min drive (i have done some research!)

    ill be at both ldo
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  5. Lol, I didn't realize that they were so close, so I guess it really doesn't matter. I will try for either of the 2 over the next few weeks. I am probably going to just play the Monte Carlo because I have a lot of other tournies going on and don't want to play too many, as it wouldn't be the worst thing in world to bust out of my early tournies and go up to Commerce for the LAPC and play the $1,000 shoot-out. Anyone playing the LAPC today? GL in the satty's today, hopefully I will luckbox my way into a seat!
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  6. San Remo! I've never been to Europe so I can't wait for Italy. I'm going to Amsterdam for a few days beforehand and rumor has it that it isn't safe to carry goods from Amsterdam on the train... Anyone know if this is true? obv gonna fly if this is the case or anyone has the hookup in Italia
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  7. Lol truesyalose, that is my plan as well. I took some with me by accident (I was in a hurry, best surprise ever when I opened my bag in Paris) from Amsterdamn to Paris and there wasn't a police dog or anything like that, but that was around 8 years ago, so I don't know what has changed.
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  8. Welcome to Europe, seems like 90% of taxi cabs are mercedes or bmw not just in Monte Carlo
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  9. lol smokeweedeverydayaments
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