1. I plan on going to Vegas for a month, December to January. I am looking for advice on the softest or most profitable places to play 1-2 NL cash games. Also what is the best times and days to play? Thanks.
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  2. for 1-2 it really doesnt matter about the players. they are all terrible, the weekends will get the most action.
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  3. All of them.
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    Originally Posted by Late_Nite View Post

    I plan on going to Vegas for a month, December to January. I am looking for advice on the softest or most profitable places to play 1-2 NL cash games. Also what is the best times and days to play? Thanks.

    congrats on 1st post
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  5. for sure one of the smaller card rooms iwth 2-3 tables going... Treasure Island, MGM, those kinds of places. This is where u find guys reloading 80$ at a time and limp-call-check-fold away their stacks all night, then reloading etc :)
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    Originally Posted by GrayFOX22 View Post

    All of them.

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  7. Planet Hollywood.
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  8. MGM.
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  9. Like several other people have sarcastically said, you absolutely will not find any unprofitable 1/2 games in Vegas. The best ones I've played are O'Sheas, Venetian and TI. MGM and Planet Hollywood I've heard are very good as well.
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    Originally Posted by First Circle View Post


    ^^ Friday and Saturday nights are like fishing with dynamite.
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  11. Venetian and TI fo sho..... Venetian is a much nicer room so i would go there.... plus all the cocktail waitresses have huge fake tits
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  12. I will post my normal reply to this repost of a thread:

    Alot of the poker players who are somewhat competent play at the big casinos that you will want to visit (Bellagio, wynn, Venetian, Caesars thogh it might still be 1-3 as well)...These places though usually have the most money on the table

    The worst of the worst players play at O'Sheas, PH, MGM, TI, Flamingo, and if you happento travel downtown....Binions is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOLterrible players etc. If you cannot win those games...you should rethink your strategy because it is cake.

    chatterbox, you still work at TI? if he does...stop by and say hello to him
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  13. I was only able to stay for an hour or so but the Caesar's games are ridiculous.
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  14. the 1-2 games are gonna be beatable anywhere. just wait til a little later in the day when everyone gets drunk and then crush, gl to u
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  15. MGM and Ceasers.... Late Night Ceasers is very good!
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  16. O'Shae's has the softest 1-2 game in town if u can handle the mass confusion going on around the table.
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  17. I foudn my most profitable game was at Caesars ... 1-3$NL with 500$buyin is really juicy as its the lowest limit available at Caesars. I also found the 2-5$NL (not sure on the buyin, maybe 500 or 1000) to be very easy. At most, I would have 2-3 other grinders at the table, 1-2 tight/old guys and 4-5 recreational but rich enough players. This is the kind of person that stays at Caesars when they come to vegas, so putting down 500$ on a poker table is no big deal to them. Make sure to socialize and become their friends, because that is mainly what they are there for... they in turn will show you their cards as much as possible :)

    Reasons Caesars poker is so awesome:

    -rich tourists stay at Caesars

    -big sports bettings going on right beside poker room... if the sports gamblers win they go freeroll at poker, if they lose they are stuck and try to win it back at poker, either way : win win :)

    - super sick club PURE is also right beside. Lots of clubbers go play poker to predrink, lots of them depressed they didnt pick up at the club opt to go play poker instead of going home alone , etc

    Another reason that is (imo) good , is that the max rake at 2-5$ is 6$ (5rake+1badbeat) , which is 1$ more then anywhere else meaning = local grinders tend to stay away due to high rake , which in turn makes game way more profitable imo :)
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  18. You are the first to confirm Binions. I have also heard from a player here in Minnesota that Binions is were he plays. I will definitely take some time to play down there. I have already played at the South Point which is next to my in-laws home. I have done well there and that card room seems like quite a few regulars.

    Thanks, everyone, for all the comments and advice.
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  19. Winning at Binions is less difficult than finding a hooker in Vegas.

    Riviera is pretty sweet, and you should follow the calendar to see if they have a pool tournament going on... those guys love to come to the tables drunk, cues in tow, and give away their money. Sahara is a joke too but usually it's a whole bunch of old people who'd rather play limit... with killer rake.

    MGM on weekends is, as has been posted countless times, completely absurd. I imagine even more ridiculous if there is boxing going on...
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  20. if these games are so soft ???

    dont you think some local grinder would be there daily ????
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  21. yeah, as has been said they all are. A few things worth noting though: the mirage has some pretty hideous dealers and it drives a lot of the grinders away and on the weekend that game is REAL easy if you can put up with stupid dealers. IP is also real soft at night with the drunkies but they don't always get a game/it doesn't always last that long. bally's is pretty soft but not necessarily moreso than the standard ones (MGM, Venetian, etc.) bellagio is slightly harder in my experience but still not tough. the wynn is allegedly where a lot of regulars go. Regardless they're all pretty easy, if you sit at a table that has fewer than 3 fish (or like 1 or 2 really big ones) get up and go to a different casino
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  22. Wynn, 1-3 game. Soft as hell.
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  23. Weakest 1-2 in Vegas is the Imperial Palace. If they got a game going sit down and demolish!
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  24. been out here for 3 months now...

    best room is venetian obv...games can be a lil bit nitty though...so lots of table changes is advised to find the better games in the room....though currently during the deep stack festival most games are juicy...

    but smaller card rooms on strip have supe retarded games...soft as hell....Bally's for example...if you can stop yourself from tilting at the old ugly coctail waitresses than you should play there...easy game!

    MGM not sure good...quite this year...but weekends excellent....Planet Hollywood also pretty sick....

    To be fair most 1-2 games are soft....Bellagio was bad for 1-2 (nitty) but good for 2-5 for some reason...

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  25. only time I would ever enter the MGM poker room again is if I was drunk enough to defecate on one of their tables.

    that place will never get a dime of my rake

    (interestingly enough, I love Mirage)
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