1. blinds at 75/150

    Your current stack is 1500.

    Your in the small blind and you hold TT

    UTG player limps in, Button calls.

    Assuming you have no reads on either player and both have more chips than you currently have, do you A.) Complete and look for a non-scary board; B.) Make a standard raise to try and take it down pre-flop; C.) Push all-in?

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  2. You only have ten BB's and two limpers Im all in in a heartbeat.
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  3. Raise to 1,000 and check fold if any overcards flop.

    I agree w/ doomed, TT is too vulnerable to just raise 3x BB or something.
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  4. I agree option B is ridiculous and out of the question, but you still have time and chips on your side, do you think completing is a better option?
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  5. I dont think so.

    Then the only way you will prolly get paid off is if you hit your set and another guy hits top pair maybe....

    You dont have many chips to be dabbling in pots, I say do or die, time to push.

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  6. B OBV

    but check my pokerdb
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  7. Poosh!

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  8. all in. no question.
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  9. all in baby
    C is my final answer
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  10. Time to push. You gain quite a bit if no one calls, and even if they do call there's a good chance you're ahead.
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  11. You have an M of a little over 6, this is an instant all in. The way I would consider folding in this spot with 10 10 is if there was a bet, a raise, then a reraise before it got to me. Other than this type of scenario you have a strong starting hand and have little chip stack, its time to get the chips in the middle.
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  13. you cannot put 1/3 of your stack in then fold on a scary flop, and youd be lucky to get a hand that big for a while, you push all in, im not sure how many players could get away from this hand.
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  14. Push, unless you have a read on UTG that he only limps big hands up front (unlikely).
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