1. I have a 14% In the Money rate and a 74% ROI.

    Is this good or do i need to work on it more?
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  2. Work on it more...what kind of a donk are you? Think about this...who would invest their money in something that only gave them a 74$ return? HELOOOOOO NO ONE!!

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  3. I only ever play the $4.40 180 player multi table tournaments, so i thought the stats were ok, but i guess i work more on my consistancy
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  4. Slim my advice to you would be to check Sharkscope for your stats in these. THE OPR site is not accurate. They dont list any of my wins in 180's at all while Sharkscope is "Dead Balls on Accurate" Thats an industry term by the way..
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  5. yeah, the OPR software blows. It misses the entire month of October for me.

    Incomplete stats a completely worthless.

    Think about it......this is my ROI...XXX%....excluding the 28 tournaments I played in October.....WTF does that tell me????? Nothing.
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  6. OPR only started on pokerstars in december i think.

    And i ignore my sharkscope stats, because it shows up all the money i lost when i first started.

    I have improved since then, but sharkscope doesnt show that, and it only shows my last 8 results, whereas OPR shows all the game si have played since december.
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  7. opr is great.....and bigslim, 74% is great.
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  8. Those are great stats man keep it up!
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  9. Thank you I plan to. I am currently on my second final table of the day with me 2nd in chips and 7 players left:)
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  10. Nice brag post. Killing the 4$ games is pretty impressive.
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