1. What's going on.. I'm new to P5, not so much to poker.. Though, I really need to improve my game.. lol Regardless...... I play on PokerStars, low buy-in SnG and MTT's.. I was just wondering how people play when they are about average stack, ITM in an MTT.. Do you play to get to the next money level? Just looking for some opinions on this.. The best I've done is 11th in a $5+.50.. Only pays 40 some.. How do people consistently get to FT's and make good money??? Thanx in advance!
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  2. Pre-money or bubble stages; aggression. Turn your average stack into a monster stack. Quite easy at the lower limit tournaments actually, because the players in them are generally less aware of this concept and also more likely to want to fold into the money because it represents some sort of tangible representation of their poker ability.

    Open a lot of pots in position with hands you would normally fold, like AT, KJ, etc. Figure out a size raise that will make the blinds fold, whether it is only 2x, 4x, or somewhere in between, and exploit it. The blinds and antes will add up quickly when you don't encounter resistance.

    Once the bubble breaks, you need to shift gears and play tight, people tend to go crazy now. Realize that people are thinking <span>now</span> is the time to employ the strategy you were doing 10 minutes before hand, and avoid confrontations without solid hands.

    That should die down fairly soon, and you will notice half the field is gone within the time it took to go from hand-to-hand originally. When you realize this, you can become aggressive again.

    Certainly the timing of this all is something that comes with experience, but try it out for a while and see, the results will speak for themselves.
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  3. yea, what a.d. said:) Welcome to p5s.
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  4. wow. just plain good advice there. GG newbs!
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  5. Excellent advise and great post...
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  6. good advice.....reread alwaysdrownings post.....that will work for low buy ins.......if you move up it wont work as well......excellent post alwaysdrowning !!!!
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  7. Quick question Ape. You said "hands that you would normally fold, like AJ, KJ, etc." (not exactly, but close enough). Is that KJ of the same suit? like the same color AND same little symbol? What position DO you fold that in is my question. Cause the answer is none. KJ of the same type is too strong to muck, and should be opening pots early.
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  8. Are you joking?
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  9. certifiable is laufing because we are responding......he knows that K-J blows
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  10. One thing that I think you didn't mention is very tight play in the first hour or so. Do not play or raise hands like A10, KJ etc. In fact, muck hands like AQ utg and maybe raise it late position. Not gonna get into a full list of what to play and not to play in the beginning because im tired...
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  11. oh...
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  12. KJs a.k.a. the Tiffany, is well worth opening an unentered pot with on the bubble, IMO, yes. I should have said so in my post, but the point of opening with a lot of hands is to take the blinds with minimal resistance. You aren't trying to see turns and rivers, much less flops. If you raise preflop on the bubble, you bet your ass you are continuation betting no matter how ugly the flop.

    The newbie with questions here didn't ask about early stage strategy so I didn't bother going into it, but apestyles certainly knows his stuff. Hands like AT, KJ, are garbage in hour #1. The only flop you are hoping to hit with AT or KJ is either flopping broadway or AAT/KKJ. How often do you see either of those two flops? Not often enough to play them. Hands like suited connectors and small pocket pairs have a tremendous value OVER hands like AT/KQ/QJ etc. in the early stages. Those are the types of hands that either hit a flop <span>hard</span> or miss it completely. When you play 78 of clubs you're goal is not to flop middle pair. If the flop comes 569, then very few people will be able to put you on the nut straight, especially if you are willing to raise it up with suited connectors while the blinds are miniscule.

    As the tournament progresses (particurally when antes become involved) is when those hands go down in value, and previously marginal hands like AT increase in value. Your goal at this stage is to pick off enough blinds to sustain until you come across a real hand.

    I am also tired so I'm stopping. Kind of half-assed there but you get the idea.
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  13. Solid advice there AD.
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  14. Thanx for the advice.. Seems like a stupid question but I can never get really deep.. And, I don't play the higher limit games.. I'll try this stuff out and see how it works! Thanx again!
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