1. Now don't laugh cos we all started from donkeyville
    I want to play UB $10 omaha ,but most omaha on UB is 8b and I can't afford to do the $10 PLO rebuys
    so Ipractice in 100pt sng's
    I itm 80% PLO but only 25% 8b
    So wat is the mistake a good plo player is making in 8b
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  2. SS 2 is a decent read as is anything by Capppelletti and also the Ray Zee book.

    Don't chase the lo, look for scoopable pots (amazing how many times you can scoop with just high). You will see a lot more flops than PLO so you have to be able to get out after the flop.

    If you want a couple decent online articles pm me and I'll point you in the right direction online...
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  3. Don't go for anything but the nut low. Unless you know your opponents and can read them otherwise, this will cost you a lot of money. Be passive with low hands, try to keep as many people in the pot as possible (raise on the river with nut low however). If there are 4 people in the pot and it gets quartered, you at least break even.

    If you flop something like the nut straight or flush, and there is a possible low out there already, raise like crazy on the flop. You don't want anybody drawing to a higher straight or a boat, but you will get action from players with the low hand and end up taking a bigger pot because of it.

    And to be successful at all, you have to scoop the pot every once in a while. I scooped so many pots on PartyPoker, people call with any low hand, or straights when there are 3 to a flush on the board. Play the $0.50/1 8/b room. I bought into a room with $17 and was up to $55 in 45 minutes. I know that's not rockstar money but in term of BB's won per hour, that's amazing.
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  4. Limit Omaha 8b cash game at low limits removes a lot of the skill from the game, whereas PLO maximizes your control of the game/table.

    IMO, Limit Omaha 8b at these small limits (especially Play Money/Points) is the most sadistic game on the planet and, over time, pretty unfavorable for ROI compared to other games.
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  5. Hey Skoky, I have had my problems with 8b games too. I have some friends that are very good though and they gave me some pointers. One, is that when playing 8b, your starting hands are MUCH different. Something like AKAK, double suited is not such a great hand. The hands you want are hands that give you a shot at a scoop (winning the high AND the low). Hands like A-2-3-4 double suted are great. A hand like A-2-A-3 double suited would also be great. Hands like KK-AJ, is not so good. middle cards are also not good, like 4 cards between 6-K. Something like A-2-K-K can be playable as well. Its nice to have 3 low cards, to use one for backup. lets say that you have A-2, and the flop comes 4-7-J, well thats great for your low, but when the turn comes a 2, now youre in trouble, whereas if you had a 3 or another low card, youd still have the low...this is just some things that helped me, but I still suck...SSII has a great Omaha 8b section. Good luck man!
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  6. I've had a blast learning omaha this last couple months and even got a few wins. Amazingly I've found the omaha fields weaker than the nl fields. I think there are more variables since you are playing after the flop. One thing I have noticed is the bigger stakes omaha h/l you do have to tighten your game up a lot. There is a dramatic difference in low stakes and higher stakes omaha h/l. But at the end of the tourny you usually aren't bitching how you didn't get good cards, it is you made the wrong decisions on the flop.

    Ditto on some of the pointers. h/l is about the scoop and if you are playing A987 you are going to be a longtime loser. If you hit that nut straight with 987 you are going to be splitting the pot with the low or if you hit the sucker straight and there is no low someone else will probably clean you out with a better straight. So forget the middle cards and yes a backup card for the low is always nice. If a 2 comes on that river and counterfiets your low the guy next door with the a23 is going to smoke you. The wheel rules in omaha h/l that is for sure and you have to love that six too bc you can quarter someone if you both have the wheel and you have the six too. Thereby splitting the low, but you win the high.

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  7. There's some good advice here...I know you've been railing me the last couple of nights in the UB tourney, but I probably haven't shown much worth noting (15th both nights, ITM but nothing to write home about), unless it's how I overplayed top two pair against a flush draw for 2/3rds of my chips last night.

    One point to keep in mind about scooping...the wheel is the most obvious scoopable hand, but that often times gets split 2 or 3 ways too or beaten on the high side. You will often hold a hand like A23x...the board comes up 2345K. Any A2, A3, A4 or A5 ties you with the wheel, and any 62, 63, 64, 65 or 76 takes the high. You can find yourself going from "whoo hooo" to "fuck me" in a big hurry. It's why I like hands with the 6, like A246 or A356 so much. On a low board, you're more likely to scoop or 3/4 with those hands than the traditional A23x.

    Far and away the most common scoop I see is a flush with the suited A for high. In higher limit games, where fewer people are starting every hand, you can even find yourself scooping with something like A246, and the heart flush comes on board.

    This goes against common poker advice, but at low-buyin limit Omaha 8/b online, my advice is to play passively rather than aggressively, at least until a turn where you know you have a high hand locked up (or pretty close to it). Raising pre-flop with great hands is almost worthless, as people will call and even make it 3- and 4-bets with almost anything. On the low side, if you have A245, you may think you're golden when the flop comes 238...until you see some dingleberry who called a 3-bet pre-flop with A48J. You want as many people in pots as you can, especially with your low hands. Getting quartered doesn't sting as bad if there were more than 4 people in the pot for most of the hand. This will go against every fiber in your NL Hold'em being, where thinning out the field on a hand is crucial. But IMHO, I think the key to winning limit Omaha 8/b is knowing when to just call, and when you can get extra bets in that everyone will call.
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  8. Thanks for a graet reply
    Is caliing preflop without an ace but with 23 or 234 a good or bad move and how often will an ace hit the board if it is a good moove
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  9. Wow, I much appreciate a reply from a poker pro who I secretly occasionally rail in 200 to learn how to improve my (lol) $1 and $5 mtt game
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  10. Thanks Grap just as i was reading yor post i scooped a low and high and I never raise until i have nuts or near on turn. Yea i saw where u went from 4th to 14th . Amazing how confidence replaces common sense and turns into fkn no way and fuk me dead on the river
    Any way in new year Im gonna start adding to the prixe pool in $10 ten times cos I noticed a couple of players in there I've popped in the piont sng's
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