1. Don't ask me, I am the king of this problem currently. J/K

    The real answer is play more. You are hot. Most people can likely recall one or 2 hands that if those hands go their way they would have had a good shot to win. I only really recall making one pretty bad read (I will give it as an example,). Recently I have been trying to play a bit more poker. People always tease me that they remember that I could play at one point. If you have played against me recently you might think otherwise but it is undeniable I know how to get chips. Let me give you some examples. Now remember i play a lot of hands and I fashion my game after guys like Mizrachi, Smith, Ungar and Negreneau, while I am not near their level there are many similar traits to our games.

    Feel free to criticize any and all hands but remember my style is about making reads and being in hands and flopping hands. I am not trying to get lucky with AK a bunch of times.

    Here is an example of a hand you have to win to move on and do good things, there are many more of these recently but it is a good one and it happened to me in the $500 on UB.

    I was dealt J 9 (suits re unimprtant) and raised (some context-I was middle position, I am either the chip leader or pretty close, I have been in the top 5 for at least 3 hours, I am raising a lot and getting called a lot. per my style), the person that called me had Ac7c. The big blind also called with 45 (when you raise a lot these are the kinds of hands that call you and as you can see they were both right, my hand didn't dominate either one). One of the key differences to my game is that I want callers, do you realize that Stu Ungar only raised 2.5 times the BB, every time. He wanted to play pots. So anyway the flop comes 9 2 3 with 2 clubs (as proof this isn't a bad beat story I will post 2 other hands, one that makes me look brilliant and the other that makes me look like a fish) I pet 3/4 the pot and the guy with the clubs callls. Both guys called 1200 with 200 and 400 blinds and have right about 5000 in chips. I get called by the club draw but the straight draw pushs on me. I have a big decision. Neither of them can hurt me I have just under 25k. If I can win this hand though I will have close to 40k. But is my top pair the best hand and what is it up against? I reason that he is on the flush draw and call. He isn't, he is on the straight but the flush calls as well. I am in a world of hurt but I am in the lead at the moment. Lets count their collective outs. The straight has 8 but only 6 are live. The flush does not have these problems. He has 9 outs. So collectively there are 15 outs against me. I am a slight underdog to win. But enough of one that my read was correct but I do indeed lose the hand.

    This hand didn't cost me the tournament. I still had 20k left. But this hand might have been the one that cost me the win and when you are playing well you need some of your reads to be correct. It was I lost. Next hand. Though if I win that hand I am close to 40k and it would have been fun to see what I could do with chips like that.

    Here are the other 2 hands-(first the donkey hand, Actually I have 2 donkey hands)-

    I raise with 67 from the cutoff, the BB calles and the flop comes 7 9 3, rainbow. He checks to me and I bet 3/4 of the pot. He check raises for the minimum. Now there are 2 things here and I probably shouldn't say some of this stuff but what the hell I barely play, 1) why would he check raise me on the flop with a good hand and why check raise me with so little? 2) you just don't get to bitch check raise me if I got chips, if I think I can catch up I will make you pay. Now remember I have close to 30k in chips and hands like this are the reason I move up and down a lot. No big deal. Turn is a brick, like a 2, guy bets out once again like a bitch but I know for fact he ain't laying this hand down, I have him on something like Q 9 which indeed does beat me but I can catch up, on the turn he bet maybe 800 into a 3k pot. I river the 7 on his ass and frankly I feel a little bad about it but he played his hand like crap so it IMO I was justified. Either way it was one of those hands that the good players at the table go "Watch out for Beanie" and the bad players go "This guy is a lucky numbnuts". I can work with both. On the river he once again bitch bets, I am certain it is a feel bet so I didn't want to prive him out. He seemed to want to find out if I hit the seven but even though he found out he still couldn't lay it down. I thought to bet pot but I think he would have folded. So i bet about 3500 and he called. Its not like the odds are unimportant because they are and he was giving me odds most of the way though it is real close. Either way, I had chips and he didn't and sometimes you need to let people know that they will be in a fight for every pot.

    Now this is the true donkey hand, I just remembered it. Guy raises and I have J 9 and I am in the cutoff, his raise was small so I called. Highroller48 moves all in and so does the other guy, both are short, I have to call a 1400 raise to win a 12k pot. So of course I do, and I look like a moron. Billy has AA (Iwas hoping for AK AK scenario). Once again I look like a donkey. But I was getting a great price and saw I chalked it up as "Ad Budget". I lose the hand.

    Now this next hand was all about the read and you could definitely make a case for donkey here as well. I am small blind and I make up half with J3, BB checks and we see the flop. Now on both the flop and turn you could make a case that I played the hand badly though I had a reason to play the hand this way. Flop comes 6 43 rainbow. I check and he checks. Next card comes an 8, which I hate, though he bets half the pot strangely and the pot ain't that big. I think my pair of 3's is good so why re-raise? I call. Next card is a dream for me, another 6. Now here is what I am thinking. Keep the pot small, I could make a defensive bet but why, he could have an 8. No need to lose chips but I am relatively certain I have the best hand. The guy bets 75% of the pot. Clearly the dude has nothing, look at it this way. Why would he bet if he had the 8, the 6 should be a scare card, so any bet IMO is a bluff. I call him and I am right. I thought my 3's were best the whole time and actually slow played them!

    Anyway, I am hot right now and if you are getting close a lot just play more. You are likely playing well. Some of this is about vloume.
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  2. Nice post.
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  3. thanks beanie. good post. i'm going through same thing myself right now
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  4. Kind of the point of the post is actually positive. Keep knocking on the wall and it will come down. I literally never play Sundays but I told my wife "I am hot as hell right now-I have to play"-this is proof that I have the best wife ever because she actually understood what I meant and said yes. It was no surprise that I played well in both tournaments because my reads are dead on at the moment. I am up about 20k mostly playing cash games on Bodog in the last ten days.

    That is the other thing and it is huge. I typically have enough money to play anything I want. But if that isn't the case for you then you should play more when you are feeling it. You want to get to a point where the money isn't an issue and then you can rely on your instincts without a cloud over your head.

    Honestly I was a little reluctant to write what I did because I don't like giving out a ton of information. My style is very different from a lot of people online. I would say Poker Ho and Legggggggy are likely similar to my style. I haven't seen Ari play too much but the one time I did I felt we played a similar game. Either way I like helping friends and such and when asked questions I answer them but not many people play my style. Well a lot of donkeys do but they don't play it as well as I do. Hehe
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  5. Beanie, enjoyed the conversation last night in the $500, but I wasn't very disappointed when they moved everyone at our table. You were definitly keeping me from seeing very many cheap flops.

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  6. The next table I went to was nothing but raving lunatics. Was a very big contrast. Also really illustrates the difference between a cash game and tournaments. Rarely will one or 2 people so change the complexion of a table in a cash game but when you get moved in a tournament you could face a completely different set of opponents and you need to adjust to the difference.

    I just don't see how many people do it. I mean I am a pretty good tournament player but I can't really play that many tables because I play so many damn hands. When the 4 to 5 hours is over I am wiped out. I know that many people play a more passive style and then once it gets close they speed up but man poker wipes me out. I am surprised there aren't more posts about mental endurance and such.
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  7. Than you Beanie. I recently started making it very close to FT's a lot or actually making the final table. However; I have very few finishes in the top 3. Maybe this will help me improve my game!!!!!!
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  8. I was the dude with the the hand when you called with the bottom pair of 3's. Here was my thinking.

    If you had the 6 obviously you would have bet out to protect your hand, you checked. The 8 fell and I bet to represent the 8, I'm pretty sure i bet more then half the pot, but anyways, I bet to represetn top pair. I made what looked to be a value bet on the river, to make it look like I wanted you to call.

    I bet the river, because obviously you would have bet the flop if you had the 6, you made a good call, but I don't think it was as simple a read as you claimed it to be.

    Obviously, and there was a chance i had the best hand becuase i had A high on a strange board with some draw possiblities. It was a small percentage of both of our stacks at the time.
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  9. I haven't played against you hardly at all but based on what you described, I don't think that sounds much like legggggggy. He's actually a patient player, all in all. I could be wrong but when I watch leggggggy, the main thing that strikes me is not high volume but absolutely awesome maximization of his winning hands. He seems to know where he's at and exactly what he can extract. But he picks his spots. I don't think he cold calls "small" raises with J9o, even with a big stack.

    OTOH I am wrong all the time and I play drunk half the time so don't trust my observations.

    f beanie even when he makes a cool post with detailed hand analysis.

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  10. I agree, also a nice post
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  11. I don't mind the way you played the hand but it just didn't make sense you would have bet the 6 unless it was a complete bluff. I don't think either of us played it real bad but I was trying to point out how you can win pots keeping them small.

    Thanks for giving your perspective.
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  12. You likely are right. I guess what I meant is when legggggy gets a stack he puts on the heat. If someone does a min bet or a little more and you are the big stack with a reasonable hand in position you might want to look for reasons to call. At least I do.

    One key to my game is that I typically only play 1 tournament at a time. Therefore I can pay more attention and make more creative plays. Any pot I am in I am looking for a way to win it. If I was playing 6 tournies at once I would have to adjust and play more formula poker. That would take away a lot of the challenge of the game for me.

    Oh, here was another hand-

    One min raiser I call on the button with AsJs. NotoriusBil moves all in for 6k which is about 7 times the bet. Now this was an interesting situation for me. NotoriusBil is not just a good play, he is a great player capable of controlling the table. Since that is my roll I looked at his raise as a scared raise. I think if he has AA or KK he bets pot so I am certain he has Tens or less. I have like 25k and if I can get Bil off the table I have a better shot at ruling the roost. I call and he has 33, bingo, I got my wish. The call didn't really hurt me and I was getting the right price given the hand he showed. Though he did win the hand my guess is I sent a fairly clear message to not make plays at me like that. I was managing my stack well so this call while it might seem insane wasn't really that much risk. Winning tournaments is about winning some races. In this case I like the way we both played our hands.
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