1. What do you take notes on? I would love to know what good (and bad) players are recording and how you use that information.

    I guess the obvious stuff would be:

    1) How you classify the opposing player? Loose, Aggressive, etc...
    2) Hands Shown Down
    3) Raise amounts

    What else?
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  2. I don't have notes, but I always skim the tournaments to see who is near the top. Basically if I recognize the name, I associate that player with qualities of a good player.

    Also, playing SNG's - I'm aware of the guys' who enter a lot of SNG's after another (like me) because if he is multitabling, he's probably not a complete idiot.
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  3. -how much they will call to chase.
    -will they call small bets with any 2 cards
    -lot of mine say "impossible to bluff"
    -how they play monsters
    -do they limp with big hands or raise
    -will they bluff/bet at a pot if it looks lke a bet will take it,
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  4. I have things like:
    "called all in with inside straight draw and 3 flush on board."
    "if he bets, he's got it"
    "protects blinds"
    "folded (and showed) top 2 pair when reraised all in"

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  5. My notes usually contain:
    1) table type
    2) typical hands and positions
    3) classification
    4) scenarios - to help give me a better pic of my notes


    $25 MTT - A8o ep3, K8o UTG_1, 74o mp1 - Loose - Raised to 300 preflop w/A3o UTG @ 50/100 blinds. Called big reraise preflop w/KQs and went all in on K84rb flop, lost to AA holder.

    $10 25K Q - AA, KK, AK, etc - solid - may limp UTG w/big pockets. CR allin if hits his hand hard.
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  6. i also record emotional status.
    If someone whines or moans about badbeats or tilts, then I chase or change gear to maniac next time to try and push them off their rocker, switch gears again to set them up for some serious pain.

    I know its evil to take advantage of those with poor selfcontrol but its too damn profitable to pass on it :)
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  7. I don't make notes on whether someone is loose/tight because that becomes apparent quickly anyway. And it changes sometimes on a person's temperment at the time they are playing. In general, I take notes on what bet amounts at various positions mean, and how they play particular hands. I also am keen on taking notes about how aggressive people are in stealing blinds and raising limpers, and how they play from the blinds against lp raisers. My notes on a particular player will likely include:

    The game for which the notes apply
    ex: NL200 full
    Examples of what their limping and raise amounts mean from various positions when I think the info is meaningful
    ex: EP/2x=77-44;B/3limps/5x=TT;
    I pay close attention and take notes on what they limp with in ep.
    ex: EP/OL=88-44;TJs;KJs (OL means open limp)
    I pay close attention and take notes on how much they fold to lp raisers after limping
    I pay close attention and take notes on the range of hands they raise limpers with from lp
    I pay close attention and take notes on how they play AK when it misses the flop from both ep and lp.
    I pay close attention and take notes to how they play pocket they raised with pf when overcards hit.
    I pay close attention and take notes on how the play AK/AQ and pockets out of the blinds
    I pay close attention and take notes on how they defend their blinds (if at all) against aggressive players
    I pay close attention and take notes on how an aggressive player handles aggression from the blinds.
    If they show a tendency for tricky play, I make note of it.

    Edit: to date, my notes are all extemporaneous and only for NL cash games. One of my goals for 2006 is to build profiles for targeted players while reviewing hand histories off-line. My note taking will most likely remain restricted to NL cash games though. I don't feel I run into the same tournament and sng players enough to make note taking there particularly worthwhile. Plus, I don't feel I have a good model for taking notes on those games.
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  8. examples:

    tight passive
    very aggressive on big stack
    won't fold top pair
    can be bullied
    dislikes folding
    calling station
    limped AA UTG
    weak EP limp
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  9. Hint: if you make a particular "play" whether good or bad at a table, i make a note for each of the usual suspects at the table that saw me make that play and that they may have it in their notes. so my notes may detail their play and may tell me what they have in their notes about me (i probably shouldn't tell folks that i do that , oh well.....too late).

    I also note if i was particularly tight or aggressive with certain players if i think it may have been enuff to be noted by them rather than the details of a particular play
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  10. Same here. I note everyone at the table if I make an "unorthodoxed" play.
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