1. Sorry if this has been posted recently but I did search for a discussion thread on this topic and could not find one.

    I'm wondering how everyone approaches rebuys. I've not played many but would like to try a few at Stars.

    In the few I have played, I've almost always rebought the max amount before the game started. Then my strategy was to sit back and pretty much only play premium cards. It seemed like the optimal strategy as everyone just seems to play crazy during the first hour.

    Secondly, is the addon always the right thing to do? I'm thinking you might not addon if you were one of the chip leaders. In almost every other instance it seems to make sense to add on. Thoughts?
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  2. <<<<<Some good articles in the Strategy Achives.

    If you don't find what you're looking for there PM Clonie Gowen
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  3. Strategy archives on rebuy tourneys:<A href="http://www.pocketfives.com/63D83453-C054-479F-A08A-90E5488E083B.aspx#13">


    Frugal Rebuy Strategy article:


    Shaniac article that is great:

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