1. I play 6:30 $5 6-max and $3 rebuy on Full Tilt. My mindset during the rebuy period has changed quite a bit in the last month or so, especially in the $3r. When I am sitting with 3k in chips i typically just shove unopened pots A10-AK and 66-JJ (If i have a loose image at a loosish table I will just shove QQ-AA as well) and limp suited connectors and small pairs. I keep this approach until i double up, at which point I play a bit more conservatively.

    I am curious what kind of approach u guys take during the rebuy period?
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  2. if you have less than 5k and 2+ people are all-in, always call, seriously.

    and the diff between the $5r and $3r is pretty big from what i've noticed. a shit ton more people double re-buying and going all in with ATC over and over in the $3r.

    it's always nice being at a table with a bunch of people willing to rebuy over and over. getting a table with like 1 rebuy stack is teh suck ;/
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  3. i shove 72+ , and AA and below, pretty good range IMO
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  4. I play like a maniac until I have 3 x starting stack. I will open shove any pair and AT+, QK. I will call shoves, especially multi-way allins even wider: 67s+, 68s+, 69s+. Limp in with pretty much 50% of other hands.

    Once I have my 3 x starting stack I start playing tight.
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  5. Ship nething that CAN be ahead imo (ship atc )
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  6. you should play loose until you get 7k double addon to 10-11k and by the break you are on a 100 bb stack that's my strategy anyway.
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  7. i just shove my big hands, often leave rebuy period with minimum stack or less, sometimes forget to addon. Yet to final table a 3 or 5 or 10r.
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  8. Play really LAG or gamble till you get a nice stack....then tighten up.
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    Originally Posted by darkhawk-200 View Post

    i just shove my big hands, often leave rebuy period with minimum stack or less, sometimes forget to addon. Yet to final table a 3 or 5 or 10r.

    LOL...story of my life
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  10. PM ClonieG
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  11. run good. Just ship any hand you play till you get more then 10k and then still continue shipping your big hands and playing pots with suited connectors/gappers. i <3 rebuys. Not sure why you dont play the rebuys on stars soooooooo much more value so getting stuck for 30 units isnt really much when first over 5k and over 10 on sundays.
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  12. Only shove pocket pairs 99 and higher and AK,AQ,AJ to collect chips from all the guys calling/pushing super light?

    Ive only ever played 1 rebuy I think.... it was $3r, the rebuy period was madness! Almost every hand was played pre-flop. I didnt rebuy but I did add-on and then bust out lol. Maybe if I had some sort of BR to use I might feel differently.

    Yours sincerely,
    Fishy McDonk
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