1. The PocketFives.com Open is back!!!

    It's been a few months, and we're bringing back one of the best values on the net, as well as a great opportunity to get to know and play poker with fellow members of the community. There will be over $20k in added prizes in the P5s Open on June 7th!

    This P5s Open will be structured as a WSOP satellite--for every $12.5k in the prizepool, another WSOP package will be added. This is, of course, paid out as cash into your poker account--you can see more details on the package on PokerStars' website. One WSOP package worth $12.5k will be ADDED to the prizepool of this event!

    Other added prizes include:

    25 $215 Sunday Million tickets ($5,375 value) -- after the seat bubble, the next 25 finishers will receive a ticket; if there were three WSOP packages in the prizepool, for instance, finishers 4-28 would receive a Sunday Million ticket.

    6 Sunday $530 tickets ($3,180 value) -- These are awarded based on the information in this post.

    P5s Gear -- Check this post for info on how to win P5s Gear!

    The tournament is already listed in the PokerStars lobby on Saturday June 7th at 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Details are:

    Buy in: $20+2

    Site: PokerStars

    Password: P5sOpen

    Payouts: Standard WSOP satellite structure, with 1 seat added and other additions as noted above.

    We very much appreciate your support and participation in this event. If you'd like to show appreciation to P5s and PokerStars for adding all this value, you can do any of the following:

    1) Post about the tournament in your blog with a link to our site--help us get the word out about this event!

    2) If you don't yet have an account on PokerStars, signing up through our link is a great way to help! If you have a friend who is signing up for the first time, please let them know that this is a great (and free) way to help out! Any of the links to PokerStars in this post will work--we appreciate it very much.

    3) Tell as many people as possible about this event. I know this one sounds counter-intuitive, but we want to show PokerStars that we can bring a lot of players for an event like this. If the turnout is really positive, they'll be much more likely to provide more value like this for our community in the future.

    Keep your eyes on the boards for more information about this event, as we'll be posting again very soon. Thanks again for being a part of our community, and we're looking forward to seeing everyone in the event!


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    Edit: Just to make sure, there is one package ADDED on top of the 1 per $12.5k guaranteed in the prize pool?... So, if theres 25k in the prize pool, there will be 3 WSOP seats given away?
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    Originally Posted by thedylan View Post


    Edit: Just to make sure, there is one package ADDED on top of the 1 per $12.5k guaranteed in the prize pool?... So, if theres 25k in the prize pool, there will be 3 WSOP seats given away?

    Correct. One $12.5k WSOP package added on top of all the money in the prizepool. Your example is also correct.
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  4. Pocketfives owns. Thanks in advance for sending me to vegas.
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  5. sounds awesome, ill spread the word, cant wait!
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  6. Absolutely killer...unfortunately, my cousin is getting married that day. I'll have to see if the church has wireless....
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  7. sweet cant wait will give it a try.
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  8. Sweet, great, awesome.
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  9. SWEET..!!! great deal to let everyone know...
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  10. Nothing like having it the day my daughter turns 9, arg... GG
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  11. I'm already registered. Good luck me!

    <3 P5's
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  12. In

    Forgoing my fav golf tourney on that day to muck it up with you ballers.
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  13. your a good guy adam. i dont care what god said about you eating that apple..
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  14. ^^^^^ I lol'd ^^^^^^
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  15. in for sure
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  16. Since I failed at UB, guess I will play this one. I just have to attempt not to busto my account by then, or register early!
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  17. Marked it on the calender now,looking forward to playing.
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  18. Nice. I'll be there. Thank you!
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  19. So basically a $20K+ guarantee even before entries. Heck yeah I'm in....these are the tourneys where I don't care if it is outside my BR. Time to start collecting T$...

    EDIT: Sorry Adam vvvvvvvv $20K+ Add-On........EVEN BETTER!!!!

    Now I'm not sure who I'm going to blame for playing outside my BR.....myself for being the consummate gambling degenerate....or Adam and P5's for hosting a mega +EV Tourney......LOL (i know better, but this is just too good to pass up).
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  20. Better than a guarantee--more than $20k ADDED. If there's $20k in entries, there will be more than $40k in the prizepool....pretty solid
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  21. damn I'm playing the venetian that day.

    oh Venetian is the 6th taking the 7th off from live so we'll see
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  22. Awesome. I've never deposited on PS, but i have an account with $15 thats been sitting there since they gave me a free $5 to play there (mostly play FTP). This will give me an excuse to bump it up to $22. I'll be in as soon as that happens.
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  23. <table id="HB_Mail_Container" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td id="HB_Focus_Element">Awsome! I can't wait. Thank you P5's so very much, you guys own.
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  24. Yes! I love the P5 Open (despite never winning anything in it).
    The 20k added and all the fun bounties that are going to pop up make this a must play.
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  25. so this only is on the pokerstars website only
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  26. Kinda a new guy, but would love to play in this, ty pocketfives!!!
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  27. I'm in Can't wait what a siick sickk tourney
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  28. So if you are under 21 how does that work if you win one of the seats? Can we take cash option? do they hold it til your 21?

    Cool tourney tho, hope there is a big turnout.
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  29. I'm not finding it listed at PokerStars
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  30. so if you're only 20 what happens
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