1. I just wondered if anyone plays a great deal of these. I played the 1st lvl mini one today, and moved to lvl 2 on my second try, than went back to lvl 1 and got out....

    Is it worth it to play these, or just stick to SNGs?
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  2. One my first try in the mini steps I easily made it to level 4 just playing ABC poker and the sit and go strategy blogged here. Unfortunately I took a bad beat early, took last in Step 4, was shipped down to level 2 and tilted right out of the mini step. It was a fun tournament that allowed me to play 6 sit n goes for the price on one and had a good chance at great money for my small bankroll. I enjoyed them and they would be a cheap way for you to work on you own strategy and get experience. GOOD LUCK.
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  3. yeah, thats what I figured... I just needed a break from grinding 5+1 SNGs all day and decided to give these a shot. I won a SNG last night, and will probably give this another shot with the profit I made last night.
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  4. I played these for about two weeks straight, I would say that they are fun and beatable, but you have to know how to play them. I played them because my bankroll was really low and I wanted to play SNG's w/o risking my bankroll. The first time I went and played these I made it all the way to step 5 and got knocked out 8th for no money. I made it back to step 5 about a week later and again got knocked out before the money(on a bad beat of course). My advice is to play tight early and over-bet when you hit your hands. Then when you get to the stage where you win a freeroll back to the same level(usually around 5th place), start putting the pressure on other players and forcing them all-in. Most of the time the players will fold unless they have premium hands. If at all possible it is the general consensus to buy-in at the Level 2, instead of the Level 1, because the Level 1 players seem way too loose and only first place gets awarded a freeroll to the next step.
    In conclusion as someone remarked " you can play for a whole week on $6", and the steps are easily attainable. Personally I think that steps 3 and 4 are the easiest because you get 1000 chips instead of 800 which makes playing tight alot easier. Hope this helps.
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  5. I made it to the third step right away, playing once at 1 then 1 at level 2. First hand of the third one I had KK. Flop Q52. I go allin, he flips over 33, rivers a 3. Bad beats at later stages can be a lot more frustrating after working your way up. And by frustrating, I mean causing one to break fragile objects within reach if at the 4th step or higher.
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  6. All these really are SNG's with a flatter payout schedule than normal ("payouts" range anywhere from 3 to even 6 places i think) with a forced rake schedule and and forced lockup of your cash. They're really not a very good deal if you're buying in at the lower levels. I don't have time to go through the math right now but I think you can see what I mean. You can do the same thing playing regualr SNG's by just rolling over whatever cash you win into the next highest SNG that the cash will pay for, with the added advantage of being able to pull your cash out whenever you choose (unless of course you go broke, same as in the Steps). Going this route you could win the same amount of cash, or more, with less steps, although you would obv. have to finish top 3 of every SNG, whereas in the Steps you might be able to stay alive by finishing 4th or 5th, it will obv. take many more steps this way. Unless you buy in at the 4th or 5th step I would not recommend them. It's really just a catchy, easy way to try and get people to play "over their heads" from a bankroll perspective and thus pay more rake.

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  7. Good post by Mr Cat got my bipolar analytical brain thinking about how to do it yourself
    for the full maths of mini steps see my post $35000 in a better 5 steps
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  8. I've played a handful of these (Step 5s only, so not sure about the feeder steps) over the last year, and can say that they are prob the easiest of the larger buyin SNGs around. The fact is, a majority of the people in the step 5 only have $5 or $10 invested, so they will play super-scared to make $200, so you can play very agressivelly and bully your way into a big stack, which makes winning pretty easy.
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