1. How do I play when I flop middle or bottom pair? If I'm first to act I will often bet out about half pot. If Im raised or called Im usually done with it. I know I'm probably playing it way too weak and losing money or leaving money on the table.

    Help needed.
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  2. Every hand is different but let me give you a few thoughts...
    First, is it a limp heavy table meaning lots of limpers? If so, then you really have to read the texture of the flop. Say you hold A8 and the flop is 8 KQ. Chances are your 8 is no good and a check fold is in order. Say the flop is 489. Now your 8 may be good as people tend to limp paint and SCs. So now, a bet might take it down.
    Second, how many people are in the hand? If it's heads up. any pair gets stronger. Against a full table, not so much.
    Finally, are the players "playmakers", able to push you off a hand or have they been folding to bets like this? It's read dependent.
    golden rule, don't go broke into an unraised pot.
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  3. well why don t u fold?
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