PLO Variance
  1. Hey Guys,

    Just a question about variance in PLO from a theoretical stand point.

    I have played for a while now, primarily live but some online as well. I am new to using Omaha Manager and my question regards the EV Net figure.

    I am aware of the variance in PLO and how swingy it can be but at what point should I do an in depth review of my game for losing plays.

    I ask mainly because of todays session. I played just over 1000 hands (to be honest, there were only a few moments where I didn't agree with plays I made after review), and ended the day down just over $950 playing 0.5/1 zoom plo. My EV adjustment for this session $1,083.95. resulting in a dollar expected value of about $130 profit.

    Is my understanding of the figure correct? I am mainly asking as I don't want to continue to play at this stake if my game is not at that level.

    PS. I don't have a coach and my bankroll is sufficient for the stake (+100BI)

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  2. So just want to be clear here before diving in and making any conclusions. Please correct me if I am wrong:

    You have ample poker experience in the past but are new to PLO.

    You have at least $10,000 that you are willing to use to take a shot at PLO.

    You are not looking to play full time just occassionally?

    And without knowing super specifics of your situation, variance in PLO can either be a blessing from above or your worst nightmare. It is possible to play "Perfectly" for 100k hands and be down...
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  3. I have played PLO live for quite a while, about 1.5 years. Live competition playing 5/5 at my casino is very soft and quite beatable playing at a 9 handed table. Players are often over playing hands and over playing weak draws which allows an average thinking player to profit in the local games. I have some online experience but not an ample amount. I do play quite frequently and yes $10k.
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  4. Hmm, well I dont really know your goals, but if you are beating your live 9 handed 5/5 game, then there is no reason why you should jump into online play unless it is for tournament play. The online competition is a lot stronger than you can imagine. In fact because of the tools available you could make the argument that you aren't playing the same game when comparing live to online.

    Now if you are planning to become a rewards/rakeback grinder and put in near 40hrs a week then have at it, but you could burn theough your 10k rather quickly. I would suggest maybe starting at the .25/.5 level or playing 1 table at a time on .5/1. To really focus. My real opinion though is that if you have a live option that you are beating then stay there.
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