1. I am new to the site. I am also new to Charlotte NC. If there are any locals that know about good games to go to, feel free to let me know. I am always looking for a good game. I have tried a couple of the free poker leagues around here, and series7pokerleague.com is the only one that I like. A friend of mine won an entry into event 36, and cashed in 43rd place. I plan on being at the next main event. Remember to let me know about any good cash games around here.
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  2. what up man, i go to school in boone but am home for a home game a lot in charlotte. Private message me, this game i go to is absolute cake and usually easy money, but fun guys to drink and hang out with.
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  3. and the seven series is o.k. but WOW the players are horrible imo. where is the seven series u play? i used to play at rosco's and beantown in the matthews area.
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  4. PM PittProduct. He likes poker but is terrible at it. Thank me later.
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  5. depends on the stakes man. I live in charlotte near uncc and know several games or people who know of the games from 1/2 up to 5/10.

    Also heard of a 50/100NL game in monroe (so sick if true)

    oh and eff series 7. Play pub poker if u lookin for a donkament to drink and chill :-p lol

    pm me
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  6. sowers and endless j run that state imo
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  7. cept sowers dun play live here. Been there, tried that lol.
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  8. I just left Charlotte a couple months ago to go back to NY, but I know a $3 / $6 NL No Max Buy In game in south Charlotte. NOONE is any good and they got a LOT of money. You can also set the blinds higher if u want as long as u get a couple others to agree, which they will, they don't like to go lower tho. All drinks are free. They also have blackjack 3,4 nights a week, maybe more now. If interested PM me and i'll set you up.
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