Poker Terms in Spanish?
  1. I am going to hit up the Ocean Sands Casino in Cabarete, Dominican Republic tonight.

    Having never played poker in Spanish before, I don't know how to say raise, fold, chips, etc.

    Anyone know? Also, anyone played at that particular casino and have an info?

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  2. Dos Pario.. Two Pair
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  3. ok i no that the cuenta is the check at a restaurant. u could try that.

    allin may be todos en

    thats all i got. GL
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  4. All I can remember from 2 years of spanish is donde estas la biblioteca, I'm sure they'll ahve a spanish-english dictionary there.
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  5. how do you say shark in spanish?

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  6. knew that was coming..
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  7. Most places just say it in English they will get it
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  8. Here are some poker terms in Spanish for you:

    Cards: cartas
    Blinds: a ciegas
    Small Blind: el ciego pequeño
    Big BlindÑ el ciego grande
    Chips: fichas
    The Button: el botón
    Pre-flop: ronda inicial de apuestas (just say pre-flop though)

    Flop = "flop" just use the english word for flop, turn, and river

    Raise: aumentar
    Fold: doblar
    Call: ver
    Bet: apostar
    For all the above, I believe you can just use the English words :bet, call, fold, raise

    Limit Poker: póquer limitado
    NL Holdem: holdem ilimitado
    Pot Limit: limite de pozo

    2 pair: dos pares
    straight: escalera
    flush: colores

    hope this helps.
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  10. english only at the tables, i know your just talking about snow, and perogies and shit.....
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  11. heuvos=nuts.
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  12. excellent post felonius....It's getting lost in the jokes, but you obv know your stuff.
    Nadie pueden chichar contigo!

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