1. ok, so ive been debating this forever as is, but now will really do it if i get some good testimonial. i know bax and sheets are amazing and all, but i didnt know how well their videos and information on pokerXfactor helps out those of us still playing low level sngs/mtts ($20 and under, esp. $5-20 sngs). if theres some good testimonial here about how much its helped you guys at these levels, im goin for it!
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  2. I use it. I play those levels. I pwn consistently now (even though I've become a cash game player primarily). Nuff said?
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  3. the sng strategy that they teach works on all levels if you dont buy it and follow it to a T you are losing out on money.
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  4. It's definitely a plus for lower level grinders. Bax and sheets teach situational play as well as anyone. Understanding situations is just as key in low buy in tourneys as it is in higher buy in events. Adapting to your table is always key in poker---in the lower limits, you just tend to have to adapt to more passive play.
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  5. ^^^^ a <span>bold </span>named admin answered my post sayin i should get it, i think that puts me over the edge. tytyty guys for that, i also checked out the demos and love them!

    ps - adam you should get a commission for this one :P
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  6. Of course what they teach is top notch. As far as the lower levels, most players at the $20 sit and gos think the Gap concept is a line of clothing. People will call your all ins when they shouldn't, because they don't know any better. If sit and gos and multis are your thing, I wouldn't hesitate to sign up and study everything as much as you can. Keep in mind however, that many of the players you will be playing with are completely oblivious. I get my butt kicked often by some of the worst players on the net, simply because I give them too much credit.
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  7. I agree with P. Mason. The site is great and teaches you the 'correct' way to play but at the lower levels, where your all-in is perceived as a threat to someone's manhood and must be called, the concepts need to be taken with something of a grain of salt. The site is awesome if for nothing else seeing Bax "fawacha" push and win with a massive suckout ;).............
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  8. It is great for low level sngs. I have seen some good results. However the pushing on the bubble stuff doesnt work as well with $6 sng players as it would with $200 sng players.
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  9. Agreed.

    The concepts are very good, but like previously said, they don't always work well in the low sngs b/c ppl don't understand the Gap Concept. Sheets' hyper-aggressive ways on the bubble seem to be very counter-productive, in my xperiences, in the 6.50 sngs. But it is still a good buy.
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  10. lol @ "where your all-in is perceived as a threat to someone's manhood and must be called"
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  11. Other things you might want to consider:

    At one time I belonged to 4 well known training sites. I'm down to 3 now. You really need to evaluate what you will be playing and what you want to learn, if the purchase price and monthly payment is of consideration. I don't have the time or courage to play big buy in MTT's, and slugging it out with the monsters in the big buy in STT's is no good for me either.
    PXF concepts are a must for just poker knowledge of these games in general, but my total cost for this first years subscription will be $425.00.

    Fox has a great site for a great value. It is $100 total this year and an absolute bargain. He will get my money every year. He has videos on all different games at many different levels.

    Cardrunners is invaluable for cash games and there is plenty of variety in the lower levels of everything. Green Plastic is excellent all the way around. The first year there will cost you just under $300 I believe.

    IMHO you need to learn poker, not just sit and gos and tournament play.
    If you can afford it, join all three.
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  12. He probably got that from wikipedia under "macho poker dude". Ive never seen it defined better! lol.
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  13. In a moderated chat on FTP last night, Clonie Gowen advised one questioner that if he really wanted to make money, give up MTT's and STT's, become a cash game player and join CardRunners. I'm sensing a slight movement toward cash games these days, even though the Sunday Million on Stars gets bigger each week...

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  14. ya know I hate to get technical here, but I myself made the same mistake of spelling it "fwaaaaacha" when in fact there is a T in the word.

    FWAAAAAAATCHA is the correct spelling.

    Again, sorry to nitpick.

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  15. Yes Elvis, a conclusion I came to a while back. While it takes a great deal of skill to be consistently successful at MTT's, honestly people, you can damn near teach a monkey to play a sit and go. I realize this is a bit of an exaggeration, but do you think it's possible to program a computer to play them and show a small profit? How good can these be in the long run really? Consistent big MTT cashes are for the great ones, the rest of us will just futz around in them.

    It's very clear where the money will be in the future for us average bozos. You can't program a computer to play a NL cash game. It's just your wits and skill and discipline against the other guy. The better you are.....................
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  16. Honestly though, is there THAT much to learn about cash games that Cardrunners can seriously teach a player?
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  17. Nomo, never heard the phrase, "minute to learn, lifetime to master?" I personally think there is THAT much to learn about cash games. It's a game you are constantly trying to improve at.
    I think watching Green Plastic play and analyze his cash games is just like watching Johnny Bax play and analyze his tournaments. I wish I could see how everybody plays their hole cards, but I'll settle for one of the best cash game players on the internet.
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  18. Anyone know of any sites that run advice for other games other than Holdem? I'm sure there's little demand, but videos of PLO and Stud H/L would be awesome.
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  19. nomo, you can join Fox's site for an entire year for $100 bucks. His partner Hatfield plays all the odd ball games and you will find a little bit of everything there. Maybe that's a good place for you to start.
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