Profitable or Optimistic Call?
  1. Looking for some feedback and to here opinions on whether or not you would call, or fold and reasons behind it.

    Seat 1: Fara_K_67 (62146 in chips, $24.24 bounty)
    Seat 2: pavel29twin (34292 in chips, $8.51 bounty)
    Seat 3: oulton44 (13830 in chips, $5.11 bounty)
    Seat 4: dtfmano18 (59175 in chips, $18.71 bounty)
    Seat 5: danitheory (58418 in chips, $20.41 bounty)
    Seat 6: Jachimowicz1 (47589 in chips, $8.09 bounty)
    Seat 7: PASSMEITHERE (7440 in chips, $3.41 bounty)
    Seat 8: litvin70 (96372 in chips, $24.66 bounty)
    Seat 9: 7ken7 (36294 in chips, $15.31 bounty)
    Fara_K_67: posts the ante 110
    pavel29twin: posts the ante 110
    oulton44: posts the ante 110
    dtfmano18: posts the ante 110
    danitheory: posts the ante 110
    Jachimowicz1: posts the ante 110
    PASSMEITHERE: posts the ante 110
    litvin70: posts the ante 110
    7ken7: posts the ante 110
    7ken7: posts small blind 350
    Fara_K_67: posts big blind 700
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to Jachimowicz1 [Kd Kh]
    pavel29twin: folds
    oulton44: calls 700
    dtfmano18: folds
    danitheory: folds
    Jachimowicz1: raises 2450 to 3150
    litvin70: folds
    7ken7: folds
    Fara_K_67: calls 2450
    oulton44: calls 2450
    *** FLOP *** [7d Ac Js]
    Fara_K_67: checks
    oulton44: checks
    Jachimowicz1: checks
    *** TURN *** [7d Ac Js] [8d]
    Fara_K_67: checks
    oulton44: checks
    Jachimowicz1: checks
    *** RIVER *** [7d Ac Js 8d] [8s]
    Fara_K_67: checks
    oulton44: bets 10570 and is all-in
    Jachimowicz1: calls 10570
    Fara_K_67: folds
    *** SHOW DOWN ***
    oulton44: shows [Jh Tc] (two pair, Jacks and Eights)
    Jachimowicz1: shows [Kd Kh] (two pair, Kings and Eights)
    Jachimowicz1 collected 31930 from pot
    Jachimowicz1 wins $2.56 for eliminating oulton44 and their own bounty increases by $2.55 to $10.64
    oulton44 finished the tournament in 865th place
    *** SUMMARY ***
    Total pot 31930 | Rake 0
    Board [7d Ac Js 8d 8s]
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  2. I think you got really lucky that villain turned his hand with some showdown value into a bluff. I guess he pegged you for KK/QQ and just went for it. But in reality I don't like you checking back flop and turn and then proceeding to call off river bets when your relative strength shrinks dramatically. He has a lot of Ax in his range and several suited hands like 78s, 89s, A8s, 9Ts. Others may say "nice call sicko" but I think if you're taking this line frequently, it will net out to being a leak.
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  3. Thank you for your feedback. I think what had me leaning to a call was the river checks by the players ahead of me. I figured if they had an ace they checked on the turn, they may bet for some value with it on the river, but maybe they would just check call those hands.

    Funny side note, I am at the Final Table of this same tournament as I type this lol.

    Thank you Negrealanu!
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  4. You do present a good argument from finding thin value from any other 2 pair combo, so I like the logic.

    Also, congrats on another FT. Keep it going!
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  5. After it checks through on the flop & turn I'm feeling KK is good, as played I like the call.

    As it turned out you got paid in full on this line but with position & control I'm mostly c-betting the flop.

    my 2 cents
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  6. c-betting the flop would probably have ended the hand there and then once checked round, so your river decision probably wouldn't have arisen, and I guess if V went all in on the flop for another 5000 after the cbet, you'd be getting good odds to be right 20% of the time calling with KK. I don't hate the river call - sure V may have 78s, A8s, 9T, Ax, but as saukendar says, by the time it gets to the river, you have to fancy KK, and hope you weren't trapped by JJ/an 8 or A8 etc
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