1. Is it always worth getting the add-on no matter how many chip you have? Lets say you have 9K chips and are sitting in the top 25% of a field of 110. Is it worth paying another entry fee for 1500 more chips?
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  2. Good question and one I have been grappling with myself. I don't know if this is the "right" answer but its how I play it. IF the return is very high compared to rebuy/AO, as is the case in the paradise 20k R & A, I buy there. Its only $30 bucks.

    You don't say what the initial field was--150, 400?

    When the addon is more expensive I usually pass at the point where I get enough chips. You are at the top end of where I pass. At say 6000 chips, I would buy (assumings its a 2500 addon) At a cheap rebuy with a big payout, I would buy. On the smaller number of intial entrants more expensive tourneys such as the $50 and $100 rebuy where the initial field is maybe 125-150, I would decline.
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  3. This was a $3 Aruba satellite with 157 entries. The top 6 win an entry into the $200+15 Aruba satellite.
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  4. Anyone else have an opinion on this?
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  5. In that specific situation I would take the add on. You have to make the top 6 to get anywhere, and for 3 bucks you can't go wrong. If I am in the top 5% or so I don't take the add on, otherwise I do.
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  6. Mostly I try to think about it in terms of the blinds - if I wanted to just sit there and fold for a while until the field thinned or if I got crappy cards, how many rounds of blinds and antes would the rebuy cover? Even with a decent stack I usually figure that the rebuy is worth those extra rounds, although in larger buy-ins, a cost/reward analysis like Bluffornuts is talking about sounds pretty darn sensible. Also, surprising to me how many people don't take the rebuy - if taking it can put you over a few people in chip count, especially at your own table, then it seems worth it to me for that little extra advantage--the fact that you cover someone may make a big difference in their decision whether or not to call your bluff. Whether live or online I go into a rebuy expecting to at least add on, and probably rebuying once or twice. This makes the tourneys more expensive, but when I've approached it that way, I find I've gone further by the end than the ones where I've just bought once and tried to conserve.
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