1. Some of this past week's top performers:

    JohnnyBax: 1st Dise $200 Laguna, 1st and 8th Stars $100 rebuy (He won on Sunday, when first was over $22k), and a deep cash in the "big one" on Stars. He's also already started off the new week with a Triple Crown...

    SamENole: 2nd and 8th Stars $50 rebuy, 4th Stars $100 rebuy, 8th Dise $150 Pearl, 2nd Dise $250 Salt Water, 2nd Party $30 rebuy

    TheBeat: 1st Bodog $17.5k guaranteed, 1st Stars $100, 4th Party $100

    P0ker H0: 1st Dise $40k guaranteed, won WSOP seat on UB

    Wachovia: 2nd Party Super Thurs. $150, 3rd Dise $75k guaranteed

    Ian J: 4th Stars $55 rebuy, 7th UB $18k guaranteed, 4th Party $200k guaranteed

    Ari: 20th Party $500k guaranteed, 2nd Dise $250 Salt Water, 2nd Stars $100 rebuy, 9th Bodog $40k guaranteed,

    BeL0WaB0Ve: 2nd Stars $45k guaranteed, 6th UB $21k guaranteed, 3rd UB $75k guaranteed

    Rizen: 1st Stars $300, 1st UB $23k guaranteed
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  2. Nice week guys.
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  3. Ari got 2nd in a $100 deepstack too
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  4. Rizen also picked up a win on Empire in the 50k guarnt on Sunday
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  5. what were all of brodoggs big scores this week? IT seems like hes been tearing shit up
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  6. 1st - $100 Playa
    1st, 2nd, 9th - $200 laguna
    1st, 2nd - $60 Seahorse
    1st - $200 Blowfish
    2nd - $109 MTT on Party
    Bay 101 Prize Package on Dise
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  7. i hear jjprodigy had a pretty big win in there too
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  8. Sweet Azz Brooooooodogg...glad to see you back to your normal routine!!
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  9. Helllllllllllll Yeah Brodogg... romping on the poor bastards. So uhhhhhh..... what's up with you doing a guest vid on RPT or CR sometime? huh? HUH?
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  10. I'm good friends with Ryan. We've discussed a guest vid on RPT but it's nothing I've considered yet.
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  11. That's an awesome week. You're going on a BrooDogg-style run....oh...wait :)

    Keep it up!
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  12. What all tournaments are you looking at? Are they pretty much the same minimum requirements as the triple crown...where the prize pool has to be over 10k?

    Oh and Ari (BodogAri) got a 2nd on a Stars $20+2 PL O8b yesterday...I got 3rd. But he didnt play in the UB 30+3 that I just got 3rd in this morning. (Shameless bragging)

    Man I wish I had the time to play more tournaments...these guys are killing it. As is I only have time for maybe 5 a week on a good week. So for me getting 3rd twice in a row is a heater.
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