1. Bounty tournament 109$
    35 players remain. First place about 8k

    Original raiser has a very short stack plays 9/4/0 so very tight. He has a bounty of about 470$
    The reshover is a maniac playing 45/20/21. He has a bounty of about 640$
    If I reshove and win I get both bounties. ICMIZER suggests a fold but does not take the bounties into account?

    So reshove to gamble and go for the bounties or fold?

    The video conversion does not work so her's the hand

    PokerStars Hand #167404318166: Tournament #1843161137, $50+$50+$9 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XXIX (1500/3000) - 2017/03/10 23:41:54 CET [2017/03/10 17:41:54 ET]
    Table '1843161137 20' 9-max Seat #3 is the button
    Seat 1: Szabcsi (48583 in chips, $639.06 bounty)
    Seat 2: Eastwood1131 (82092 in chips, $125 bounty)
    Seat 3: bart driesen (77146 in chips, $256.25 bounty)
    Seat 4: DinoTheSaulo (85710 in chips, $368.75 bounty)
    Seat 5: Sjrooje (165825 in chips, $362.50 bounty)
    Seat 6: mattidm_uk (48700 in chips, $206.25 bounty)
    Seat 7: RichsssLV (197842 in chips, $237.50 bounty)
    Seat 8: Kallemydia (22432 in chips, $475 bounty)
    Seat 9: Pe-T (96099 in chips, $212.50 bounty)
    Szabcsi: posts the ante 500
    Eastwood1131: posts the ante 500
    bart driesen: posts the ante 500
    DinoTheSaulo: posts the ante 500
    Sjrooje: posts the ante 500
    mattidm_uk: posts the ante 500
    RichsssLV: posts the ante 500
    Kallemydia: posts the ante 500
    Pe-T: posts the ante 500
    DinoTheSaulo: posts small blind 1500
    Sjrooje: posts big blind 3000
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to Eastwood1131 [6h 6s]
    mattidm_uk: folds
    RichsssLV: folds
    Kallemydia: raises 18000 to 21000
    Pe-T: folds
    Szabcsi: raises 27083 to 48083 and is all-in
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  2. I think it is a fairly marginal spot. Considering the bounties you could probably gamble here. The only thing worrying me is the tight player. I guess with his short stack he could be shoving any pair here, but how certain we are that he understand push/fold? The aggro guy most likely is shoving wide just for the bounty effect as that is pretty typical, how certain we are though he does this with a pair less than 66? If both are likely to be all-in here with pockets less than 66 then I think go gamble as you should have enough equity with the bounties. When I play the PSKOs I gamble quite a bit and reshove in very -EV spots due to bounties. I think for PSKOs you need to focus more on ChipEV values when calculating with ICMIZER rather than ICMEV.
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  3. Seems super close, but I think even with the added equity of the bounty I would probably find a fold here with the one villain being SO tight. This being said, we dont have these PKOs here in America, so my thoughts on these specific kind of spots are not as refined as some others here might be.
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