1. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one in this scenario, but it's pretty simple in a SnG to be in the top 6...but my problem is that I play too tight once it gets 6 handed and less. I mean when it's 10 handed, it's not too hard to play only premium hands and do well, but 6 handed or less, I know I need to change it up and play hands a little less than premium (i.e KQ, KJ, A-junk, suited connectors....etc.), but I'm just curious on any advice on what hands I can play shorthanded that I probably wouldn't want to play at a full table.......don't respond of them people who play junk like K5 suited UTG regularly - f them :) Thanx
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  2. I hate to say it...but it all depends. If you are playing with people who like k,5, then your K,J or k,10 is good to play or even raise with...but if you are playing against good players, then it is different. Generaly, against good players, even in short handed game, is not wise to call raises with marginal hands.
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  3. I would say it's less important how many people are at the table vs. what the blinds are at. For example, if somehow the game gets down to six handed but the blinds are only 5/10, you still don't want to get involved with marginal hands. Once the blinds get to 50/100 (on UB at least), you're looking for opportunities to open pots. So if someone raises and you have KQ, I'm still apt to fold, but if you've been watching and think the raiser doesn't have anything, then pot raise. If you're a couple off the button and it gets folded to you, now that's your opportunity to open raise the pot and go after some blinds. You just want to maintain your stack and keep from getting blinded down until you can make a really big hand and hopefully get paid on it.
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  4. My advice is to open up more pots with less than premium hands. For instance rasie with any ace, and two paint. Dont call big raises with a lot of these hands but open up pots with them. You have to start being more aggressive.
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