1. P5ers,

    The past 72 hours have been really difficult for us here at P5s as things have gotten out of hand quickly in regards to the AP super-user situation. We have never faced a situation quite like this before; one of our trusted partners has been accused of serious security vulnerabilities, and the accusations appear to have merit. In fact, when this situation first came to light, our inclination was to dismiss it as another “online poker is rigged” post. However, after careful examination of all the facts presented, it’s just not possible for us to do that anymore.

    Thereby, we have decided to indefinitely suspend any promotion of Absolute Poker, including site links, banners, and inclusion of future tournaments in the rankings. Please understand that this is not a conviction on our part; it's simply an acknowledgement that significant and meaningful questions have arisen about the security of their site, and until those questions can be resolved to our satisfaction, we don't feel comfortable encouraging our users to play there.

    We're in the process of removing links and promotional materials--most of them are down already. Please be patient while we get this all set.

    Looking ahead, we intend to work with Absolute Poker as closely as possible to get all the facts and decipher them from "Internet folk lore." In fact, we've been on several phone calls today with AP trying to find out what they know about this situation and how they’re dealing with it. We’ll continue to press them to try and find out more. They’ve also invited us to have full access to their office and systems, and we’re hoping to be able to use that access to find out more about what went wrong. Anything and everything we discover will be reported here on the site, and hopefully it will shed more light on the situation.

    In closing, I'd like to say that we all want what you want---for online poker games to be safe, fair, and trustworthy. We hope that our decision helps us all in realizing that goal.


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  2. Well done P5s.
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  3. INDEFINETLY!!!!!!1

    Hells yessssss.... good work p5s
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  4. go p5s go
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  5. Integrity and honesty are the backbone of a successful business.

    IMO...pocketfives exudes this time and time again.

    This is one of the many reasons i am a proud member of this site.

    A job well done across the board.
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  6. nice work
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  8. We could not have expected a better response from you guys. AAA+++
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  9. Well done p5s.
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  10. Simply put, thank you.
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  11. nice job adam..........where will dipthrong go?
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  12. <S> Well Done!
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  13. nice
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  14. BRAVO
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  15. mhrespstars
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  16. WP sir.
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  17. Adam , you guys here @ P5's have, again, been put to the test by the membership in this uncovered fiasco ( gg AP btw ) and responded appropriately by cutting your ties until AP comes clean . Well played ! ... proud member ... garyak
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  18. Adam you pwn so hard. P5s continues to show why it has become so respected and celebrated. Ty sir.
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  19. Bravo! Thanks for choosing integrity over revenue.
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  20. ty p5s...
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  21. P5's pwwwwwwwwns. GG AP.
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  22. nat pwns,
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  23. Very well done P5. Perfect way of going about the situation IMO.
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  24. imo great decision adam
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  25. great job!!
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  26. I think its obvious that you guys should send nat to check their office and systems
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  27. i still see alot of UB ads all over the site......... if your gonna do something do it right.
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  28. good bye AP
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  29. good decision guys.

    it's nothing to do with ub amak
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  30. Example: NBC runs advertisment for both Pepsi and Mountain Dew (both owned by Pepsico, INC.)

    Pepsi gets caught maliciously trying to poison its customers in a certain geographical location as a form of chemical warfare.

    NBC refuses to promote Pepsi yet continue to run Mountain Dew ads. Would you see a problem with this?
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