1. I just got moved to a new table with 18 players left. I didnt use my pokertracker, my laptop is in reparation.
    The situation is the following:
    Hijack: Me 20bbs
    Cuttoff: Bigstack with 60bbs +
    Button: Bigish stack 45 bbs +
    SB: Smallishstack 16bbs
    BB: Shortstack 10 bbs
    There is 5k in the middle (antes plus blinds) so by shoving I just increase my stacK by 5 procent. (I have 40k in chips)
    I have got KQo. Wwyd?

    1. Raising small then folding to a shove. Sux because i will leave over 10k dead money in the middle: My raise of 4k plus the blinds ante antes of 5.... I defenitely want ro flip vs a smaller pair at that point plus I even might get shoved by worse hands or I could get pushed around (3bet) by the chipleader.

    2. Folding and waiting for a better spot allthough my hand is likely to be the best.

    3. Open-shoving. Eliminates all 3 bet attempts with worse hands and maximizes foldequity,I mean I just came to the table and shove the fist hand i play, it should even get aj to fold sometimes..? . Second best case I get it in vs a pair and im in a flip. Worst case I run into a premuium hand which obv sux.

    Im just wondering what you guys think of my resoning.
    Am I getting called light enough at that point to make this shove profitably? I mean if im only getting called by ak aq and some pairs im wondering if its really worth to take the risk for just 5k with 4 players behind. Allthough I see it more as 3.5 because I cover the shortish bb.
    This kind of situation happens regularly to mee maybe its a leak???
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  2. shove is fine

    U could also like minraise and dont fold unless somthing absurd happens behind
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  3. def unreg pre
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    Originally Posted by MastaP89 View Post

    def unreg pre

    ship 1050$ to MastaP89 also
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  5. What was the outcome?
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  6. sb called ak: busto next hand
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  7. I'm no Hero but are you really getting 3bet by alot of worse hands? your so short it would be dumb to 3bet you with air, so open/f or jam... and I like jamming and running good
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  8. Yeah its pretty unlikely i know.... A raise with my stack looks pretty strong.
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