1. Well I have taken the leap/plunge/jump whatever; and quit my full time job to try and do this poker thing exclusively as my sole income...Not sure why i'm posting this here, I'm sure nobody cares, but I felt like I needed to tell some people and this is the only place that made sense..So, yeah, I'm not the really the type of personality to take such huge risks and leave a very nice steady income, but here goes nothing...Any advice (besides go back to my job)
    F 9-5's
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  2. No advice, Tranquil, Just wishing you the best of luck!
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  3. Good luck bro,

    My advice, keep playing on bodog where i have seen u quite a bit, that place is an ocean. And dont burn bridges with your employer =]

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  4. Congratulations on probably screwing up your life. Best of luck to ya.
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  5. the guy is taking a huge risk nip/tuck, the least you can do is support him
    unless of course, you know him personally and you are just needling him, in which case i feel stupid.
    good luck tranquil
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  6. Don't listen to any negativity. It is NOT a risk. Treat it like a business because it is. Decide what you want/need to make and go make it, period. Nothing to it. Those who worry will fail. It's just a simple job change, big deal. NEVER get rattled. Laugh alot. ENJOY it. Keep records of money out and in only. NO other stats...... how many time you won with KJ in cutoff position is useless.... pay no attention to useless stats. Do not listen to a single bad beat story. Don't ever tell one. Laugh yourself off tilt. Treat yourself to as many toys as you can. Reward yourself constantly. (it'll keep you on the wheel) Buy the BEST of everything, eat at the best places. Be generous. As you will need support, it'll teach you to be supportive of others. And now back to the original statement. RID YOURSELF OF ANY NEGATIVITY in your life. If someone or something is not POSITIVE, lose it fast............ Need any more advice?
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  7. Thanks a ton nsxt!!! Not sure what I was originally looking for when I made the post, but this seems to be it... I definitely need to rid my self of the bad beat stories i tell/have been told. For it seems that soon after, I'll get my money in w/ the best and expect to lose, so when I do get outdrawn it snowballs into a tilt like state of mind.....thanks again
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  8. I knew I liked you for a reason, NSXT2. Great advice.
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  9. Hey Tranquil. I'm in a similar situation (sort of). The wife and I are moving in a few months, and between now and then we're travelling a little here and there, but for the rest of the summer/fall anyway I'm not working, so when I'm home it's full time poker. It's not that much of a risk for me or anything, as I've saved a lot from poker over the last year, but I'm excited nonetheless. Anyway, gl to you, and I'm sure I'll be seeing you around bodog a lot ;)
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  10. i agree with todd. you need to separate yourself from anyone that is negative towards your decision. you also can not get down on yourself if your results aren't there. i made the same jump about 6 weeks ago and made $0 during that time. i was averaging $1200/week since the begining of 2005 and i can't win $1 in 5 weeks(1 week in vegas). que pasa? but i never doubted myself for 1 second and i final tabled the UB 120k last night for $5200. not a life changing win, but a mini confidence boost that i needed after a tough 6 week run. hope everything goes well for you in the future.
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  11. I meant both sentences. Including the good luck part. You will get A LOT of posters congratulating you but this point of view should be noted as well.

    I just can't understand why so many people think they can make money on a consistant basis enough to justify not persuing a real job with real money and real benefits. If anyone is that good then they will make plenty of money playing after work, days off, weekends etc. Too many people are getting sucked into this dangerous and addicting passtime.

    I realize that there are plenty of people wo make a living playing poker but not only are they a VERY tiny minority they are also go broke eventually. See the Gus Hanson interview link on another thread.

    I am a risk taker in both my personal and professional life. I have taken many risks that have paid off beyond my expectations. So don't think I am simply conservative. I make my living on 100% commission.

    I would support anyone starting a business and taking a leap, but to go into such a competative field with dillusions of grandure is probably a huge mistake. I do however, honestly wish you all the luck in the professional poker world.

    I have some very strong opinions on this 'taking the leap' idea. The logic does NOT support you yourself making a decision to go pro. Going pro should be decided for you. When you make so much money playing in your spare time on - a consistant basis -over a long period of time ( at least 2 years - CONSISTANTLY) that you can't justify spending time at a real job THEN you go pro.

    It is fun and flashy to give up a job, school, paycheck and take a leap but soooo many people have tried and only the super talented can do it and still have a real life. I don't know you so maybe you are in the 1% who pull this feat off. But again, I remind you that even the top pros go broke, lose their families, and their health. I personally know of may stories.

    The first week you go pro take a trip to a Bricks and Morter casino and look at the people there. I don't mean the tourists/fish. I mean the pros. They look like the freaks from the original Star Wars bar scene. They have had a tough life. Probably borrowed money from everyone they know, have terrible health, miserable home life, and are either broke now or have been way in debt within recent past.

    I have staked players, played myself quite often, and love the poker community of respectable players. There are many good, even great and wonderful people who play this game. Many of them deserve respect personally and professionally. But they are in the minority. The smart ones write books, start poker websites and sell poker T-Shirts as well as play.

    Either I am WAY off base and the majority of people who 'take this leap' end up having a wonderful successfull living profiting off us fishes or I am writing something many people agree with but don't have the guts to say.

    If you are a successful pro (and I know there are more than a few who frequent this forum) congratulations!! You are in the very enviable minority and I mean NO DISRESPECT. Perhaps you would be among the first to agree with my post.
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  12. Nice post, Todd. This is really some great advice about the attitude with which you should pursue poker, which is now your career, TC. I wish you the best of luck and hope it works out. I know things will be rough at times, and I hope this community will be able to help you out along the way.
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  13. Great post nip/tuck!
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  14. Again, i hope you did not read this post above. While it is well intentioned, it is not what you want to hear..... Also make sure your BR is good size. Just as a guideline, i spend 20-30k /month online to profit 20k. So, it takes money to make money...... just like any other business. Just stay positive and be aware of the things niptuck said.... just don;t let them haunt you.

    Obviously, if it does go bad, get out before any life changing things happen...... gl.
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  15. i would like to wish you the best of luck. I have been using poker as my main source of income for 3 months now and have banked 30,000 (mind you iam 19 and only have 300/month in bills).

    There is alot of ups and downs and alot of false dreams that you will draw up (my post about winning 1k a day at BM 10/20 limit) heh i learned it doesnt happen but i still do bring in 300/day there so its good.. i predicted i would conquer but its not as easy as i thought, everyone has losing days. If i had one thing to say to you its this:

    Anyone can win, anyone can get rushes.. the people who come out with a profit are the people who can cut their loses during the unlucky sessions that seem to be 1/4th of your time playing.

    Basically just be careful man, pay the bills 3 months in advance, dont go outside your bankroll and do NOT chase loses by climbing up the stakes to make it back faster. (that is my biggest personal problem and i still do it now and then but i catch myself and get out earlier)

    Hope you enjoy it. You will for a while have some serious mood swings and get pretty snappy with people around you when they ask for something during your "playing time" but its jsut like NSXT said.. you gotta seperate it from your personal life... Just leave it at the office as they say.
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  16. Thanks everybody for the positive and negatives... I'm really at a loss for words right now. Without sounding "hallmarkish" (is that a word?) and sappy, I truly do appreciate the people here and things they say (when being intelligent that is) Hopefully I wont need to keep anybody updated on the progress, as you'll read about through Adam saying TC took first in this, and first in this....thanks again...cya at the tables....(during the day now!!)
    F catfish
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  17. Tranquil,

    My wife and I both play for a living. Which came about more by necesity (sp?) than anything else. We both got laid off from our regular jobs. We have been doing well enough (after having only played Holdem for money for 4 months) that neither of us is in any hurry to get back to work.
    Good Luck to you. NSXT gave the best advice.
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  18. You guys make a living off of $5 SnG's and MTT"s?

    I'm not being a smart-ass here, I'm genuinely amazed. Would you care to elaborate?
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  19. Nice.
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  20. Yeah, TQ, you heard two opposite messages but both were full of insight and sincerity. Great posts, Todd and Nip.
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  21. i'd like to point out that mine was the first post attempting to dispel negativity. go me! can i have a cookie now?
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  22. lol
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  23. I say F work. Why do it if u dont have to.
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  24. It's a lot of work, trust me.

    The difference is "when you do what you love, you will never work another day in your life"
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  25. Seriously though ive been a non worker since.....well forever this is all ive done and i am glad, although sometimes i would like to go and blow something up. You can do it just make sure to manage your money wisely and dont put too much of your roll at risk, because we all know how badly it can go from time to time.
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  26. Agreed
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  27. I AM doing it cause it truly doesnt feel like work while I'm "playing". All egotistical and owning bragging aside, but I feel I can ATLEAST make enough to pay the bills, if not make more money than I already do..or did.. Plus I wont have to wake up when someone else wants me to. I am free!!!!
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  28. Break a leg, if it doesnt work out I will be the first one to be jealous of the risk you took. You are young it is a lot easier to get another job then have to live for the rest of your life wondering if you really had to work for someone else. no good luck from me, stay smart and take luck out of it. Yourr the best buddy!
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  29. I think it will be the best decision you ever made. I am 22 and i know you're young too. No worries you got it.
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  30. GL you crazy fuck. Mikey RY is with you, take this sit down. I know you can do it.
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