1. maybe im off but for some reason i sort of imagine other people who wanted to play a 1k buy in but not having an account taking over for a father/son/friend...i just dont see guys with such a db history actually playing, final tabling, and denying chops if they really only have won what the db says they have...

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  2. You and me both, during the chip chops I was looking at the db as well and wondering the SAME thing!
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  3. can you guys link me (or tell me how to get there) to the db...I wanna check it out
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  4. lol you realize DB isnt fucking omniscient, there are plenty of other reasons for the above, but i dont sweat the DB really, altho im sure there were couple people who made new acct for that sole purpose
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  6. I don't get why people find it so crazy that someone with a non-impressive DB would turn down chops and do well in tourneys. Not everyone plays 20 tournaments a day and have 200k winnings. They could be cash players or casual players that are rich already, and love the thrill of gambling for such a large amount of money.
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  7. Not only what ^^^^^^^^^^ said...but its very possible they won many tournys on another site ..or <gasp> in a real casino..

    While DB can be a useful tool...you have to use it as one piece to a puzzle and not the whole enchalada.
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  8. It seems fairly obvious to me that a lot of pros would have a Stars account just to play the big buy in tourneys ($1000+ or maybe $500+).

    Also, not everyone cares as much about climbing the ladder as you'd think, and it's for a variety of reasons--some of them just have plenty of money and don't care. Others like to gamble. Others actually can't get a deal they think is fair, so they don't chop.

    It's not suspect that a player doesn't want to chop a tournament.
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  9. interesting input all around. the not wanting to chop factor wasnt as big a deal in my mind as people's responses made it out to be. but nonetheless i agree with the comments.

    i guess my real question is: who are these guys!?!? the cash game thing is definitely a solid theory. based on pokerpro33's boy bry23 doing well, that sheds light on one type of guy that ends up at the $1000 FT.

    but are they guys from other sites just drawn to stars for this tourney? obviously some just play the sundays (Erland, for example). i guess i'm most curious about Flopspanker. im not one of those idiots that assume it must be some big name pro because he won...but for a guy with one $50 omaha tournament cash (read: no sundays, etc) does that make him just a london chap with a good job and a decent interesting in poker that sits down at stars once a week and yesterday decided it was worth $1000 to play this tourney? or his he a guy that plays the wsop or EPT events every year and is a daily player on some sit somewhere?

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  10. Well I know for me at least, that I built up a decent DB record for a Micro MTT player, but lost the account due to having another account that I forgot I had. So now, Im playing on a new name that only has a few cashes, even though in reality I have many more than what is shown on my current DB.
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  11. i cant believe you guys forgot about this lil thing stars runs every day many, many times a day called SATELLITES? what a concept! ;-)
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  12. Satellites?
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  13. Actually--there are many players who do not believe in chops and always want to play it out. Personally--I generally do not chop, especially if I think I can make a huge score if I do not.
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  14. i dont chop either, i dont see the reason to do so... chops are for chickens play to win fold to cash skeet to win standard etc.
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  15. Standard OT. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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  16. Also don't forget it is my understanding the pokerdb doesnt list $4.40/$22-180 sit no go's.
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