1. so a couple months ago i wont the full tilt 200k for a little over 50k.

    i am not a tournament player, but i figured this meant things were changing.

    since my win, i have played over 200 tournaments and cashed all of 4 times.

    yes, you read that right.

    anybody who wants to take me on to help me out with getting back to being a profitable tournament player?

    i am serious student of the game and would love the help.

    Thk god for cash games.

    Cheers and help,

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  2. Use some winnings and join Pokerxfactor.com :)
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  3. I believe your answer is in YOUR post.

    Tournaments are for dreamers, cash games are for people that like to consistently make MONEY.

    Tournaments are a MAJOR TIME DRAIN.
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  4. Dude welcome to mtt variance however i dont know if your case comes from variance or just not playing well. I currently am trying to make 50,000 in a year. Initially i had great success. I had Three scores over 2 thousand including a chop for first in the ub 40k for 8,000. Since then i have had terrible luck in MTT. Like 2-20 in coinflips, and 0-10 in pots over 15k when ive been ahead every time. Its just apart of mtt variance though. Look at the greatest players. bax i believe has had a streak of 52 non cashes. AJ has had 57 or so. It is just something u have to deal with. Honestly, id say your lack of cashing is due a mix of variance and bad play. The best things u can do in my opinion is to cut back on your mtt buy in. Go back to a lower buy in and get your confidence back. Also I would get xfactor. Watching it always gets my game back straight. I wish u luck and future success.
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  5. you have 11 cashes on your TLB though
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  6. After my first 50K hit...I visited the Strip Club a lot more...for longer periods of time!!!!!!
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  7. $50k = FULL service, eh WEC?
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