1. to all you mid-stakes/low-stakes grinders who might satellite into events. which events would you most likely try tto play?

    To me: Main Event, 215$ 6 max and both 3 mill guarantees
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  2. All the NL Holdem events but the Main Event for sure. Can't miss out on the opportunity for a 1million+ score in an online tourney.
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  3. Heads up, all o8 tournaments, and both the 3 mill guarantees...

    wouldn't mind W$5,000 either...
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  4. None I will wait on a Mini WCOOP
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  5. 5200$
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  6. Christ...with these buy ins I might as well take the T$ in all except the 200s and 300s....nothing like 5k shipped to ur roll
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    Originally Posted by yjbrewer View Post

    None I will wait on a Mini WCOOP

    lol..me too..i suck..
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  8. all about the mixed event (8 games),..god how i have waited for a tourney like this
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  9. $215 6-max. I'm gonna grind all summer then treat myself and buy into this when it rolls around. If I bust within the first hr, o well, at least I had a shot. Anyone know the structure for this btw? PM if you find it as I prolly wont come back to this thread.
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  10. I'll play every event Jason Strasser enters.
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  11. i dont have much interest in playing the main event unless i seriously bank it in a prelim event. ill be playing some of the 215 events. im small time
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  12. The $5 turbo rebuy into the $215 6 max. Gunna take some serious grinding to get it done.
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  13. Id love to play the ME, but i would have to win at least 2 of em to try it, maybe more so thats prob out of the question... will def have to play some just hope I can satty in a few... gonna bust my roll prob just tryin to get into the smaller events lol
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  14. i will try to satellite to all NLHE events, the 1st one looks juicy 3k starting stack and 30 min blinds
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  15. All the two day events.
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  16. the razz or 8game
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  17. Just the heads up event, planning on playing heads up for most of the time leading upto the WCOOP so i should be match fit to win :) lol
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