1. i owe a lot to pocketfives and probably haven't given much back as of late so here goes. for those unaware i will steal mig's explanation, originally stolen from assasinato:
    A stranger is being shown around a village that he has just become part of. He is shown a well and his guide says "On any day except Tuesday, you can shout any question down that well and you'll be told the answer." The man seems pretty impressed, and so he shouts down, "Why not on Tuesday?" A voice from in the well shouts back, "Because on Tuesday, it's your day in the well."

    So yeah, essentially, in this thread, I'll answer any question you have about playing professionally, the game, myself, or any random question you have that might not even to do with poker.


    i will try to be as honest as possible and not sugar coat stuff. okay ask away bros
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  2. Who in your opinion is the best player regardless of live/online?
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  3. why tuesday
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  4. how long were you playing before you felt like you just "get it" and started crushing everything on the regular...
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  5. Hello Gerald

    Will you mentor me?
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  6. What is your best shooting percentage of sky hooking the change for the tolls on the Garden State Parkway from the passenger seat?
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  7. What's next after college?

    How long do you see yourself playing for a living?

    Any business ideas you got in mind?

    Me and rook have an open room in the house, it's yours for free this summer if u want it btw

    One last question...kobe beef at seablue next time ur in town?

    gl, and finish school obv
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  8. Wow, thanks for doing this. What are some things in live poker that you do differently then online??? What are some adjustments that I should be making... etc etc... Thanks!
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  9. If you were to start all over at your most basic of poker experience and understanding w/ a $500 bankroll and a month to dedicate to learning the game....

    What books/training sites/online sites or games would you invest your time and money in to get to winning money and crushing MTTs?
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  10. when you first started hitting final table scores from an initial deposit... did you keep that money in to pad your roll to move up in stakes? Or was it a slow grind of many FTs that built up your BR slowly?
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  11. edit: well first page... omg i have to write something good beecause alottt of ppl will read these first few ones. hmmmmmmmmm

    1) I live in wenonah im sure u kno where that is... whens the last time uve been there? Also your honest opinion of south jersey and your favorite part about it (may include childhood stories etc)

    2) How do you percieve me as a player. I dont think we've logged any hands rly but if u saw me at a table would u have pointed out that im competent right away or do u not rly kno who i am?

    3) Last one: howd ya get started? anddd... Do you get nervous at final tables now?
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  12. Thanks for doing this. What is your thought process in a hand. How do you know when and how much to go for value in a hand, flop, turn, river. If your not sure on a range to put a player on how do you proceed. Kind of a general ? about some insight will be great. Thanks.
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  13. hey gboro no question for you just wanted to say your an easy guy to root for and i wish u the best!
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    Originally Posted by JoeSexAppeal View Post

    Who in your opinion is the best player regardless of live/online?

    menlo is the easy choice. sleeper: andy mcleod

    edit: forgot miglet.com
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  15. are u backed? what is ur weekly routine?
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  16. why the old lady avatar on full tilt?
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    Originally Posted by dpottz View Post

    why tuesday

    just thought for like 5 minutes of something funny to respond with and failed. this could be a long well.
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  18. What is your story? (it would help to know to come up with good questions)
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  19. 1. Do you think playing on certain days/times is more beneficial then other days/times for w/e reason excluding obv sunday. I mean more during the week. If so why/why not.
    (ie do you think its better to play during the day/night/late night est. idk if im wording this right but ive thought about it on multiple occasions)

    2. Do you ever feel "trapped" into doing this with all of you success

    3. When you first started to get some recognition and becoming more known what was the hardest part and what was the biggest part of your continued success

    I havent posted in any of these but was excited when I saw you were doing one fwiw

    gl in 09
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  20. do u think rooming with me at Borgata last fall had any direct impact on your crushing of the pokers now?? obv u were killing then...but i mean do u think our heart to heart talks put u on the next level?? ok all kidding aside....do u think we had an edge on the field, when we woke up 2 hours late for the trny, still drunk from the night b4 which included bong rips at 4 am after the B-Bar with random prostitutes dipthrong invited up?? hope to hear from u soon and thank you
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  21. 1. Should we take our table gaming crew pro?
    2. Who would win in a drinking contest.....you or snowman?
    3. Who is your favorite euro online poker star, and yes u can only pick one?
    4. Seriously who wins 40k+ on a slot machine?
    5. How do u feel about the music of one Bobby Brown?
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  22. was that u on the 7th floor of the coral tower at PCA smoking on the balcony in the room next to me? my money is on the yes.
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  23. What are your 3 favorite movies?

    Favorite meal?

    Best game of bowling?

    Do you prefer 6max or 9max tourneys? why?

    Who are some of the most underratted online tournament players?
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  24. What player has influenced you the most and why?
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    Originally Posted by MarkFSU1 View Post

    how long were you playing before you felt like you just "get it" and started crushing everything on the regular...

    i remember playing on pacific poker with like a $600 roll maybe 4 years ago. pacific was one of those sites attached to a sportsbook so most of the players were gamblers who had no idea what they were doing. i didn't either but just by shoving a lot i was able to win the 30 turbo on there in between classes a few times in a month and thought iw as the man. spread the money on other sites against and got my ass beat.

    probably 1.5-2 years til i felt like i was crushing in the real tournaments but in fairness the games were much much easier back then.
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    Originally Posted by threeven View Post

    Hello Gerald

    Will you mentor me?

    wassup dylon dylon and dylon,

    i heard wretchys new vids for pokerpwnage are comin out soon
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    Originally Posted by AFink93 View Post

    What is your best shooting percentage of sky hooking the change for the tolls on the Garden State Parkway from the passenger seat?

    you have to get ez pass. one of those things that you don't realize how crucial it is til you get it.
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  28. do u have a favorite site? if so which/why?
    and what kinda differences do u notice playing multiple sites softer play etc.?
    is live play that much easier like everyone says?
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  29. Just curious: of all the Monmouth county Jews who have replied itt, which one rapes the hardest? And seriously, how much does he suck heads up?
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  30. ha sucka, now you gotta tell me the secret.
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