1. "Thin value bet" "thin call" etc

    "float the flop" or "float on the turn"

    thanks I see them alot on poker sites but I dunno what they mean.

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  2. ato float the flop and/or float the turn is to check i believe
    edit, i'm a moron and i haven't slept for over 30 hours, i will keep my mouth shut from now on until i have a minimum of 8 hours sleep in the last 20 hours
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  3. wrong on both accounts. Floating means calling with nothing in positiion planning on either improving your hand, or taking the pot away from the guy later. A thin value bet is pretty much where your betting a very marignal hand for value. A thin call is the same thing, calling with a fairly marginal hand that you think is best. haha now i am gonna write to check out my blog at

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  4. To float is to call a bet by someone when you are in position (generally a continuation bet). It's generally done with intent to outplay or steal the pot on the turn or the river if the player shows weakness or you hit something.
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  5. Floating is when you call a bet on a street with nothing with the intent of taking the pot away from the better on a later street if the better shows weakness.

    Ex.) You hold Jc 8c against a preflop raiser who bets on a 3s 2h 7d board and you flat call with Jack high no draw. This is an example of floating the flop.
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  6. Floating is calling with no pair and no draw in position with the intent to steal it later on in the pot.
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