1. weak tight, TAG, Lag

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  2. weak tight = some one who play "tight" ie does not enter very many pots and does not bet without almost the nuts and has a tendency to fold "weak" to any sign of aggression.

    TAG = Tight Aggressive

    LAG = Loose Aggressive.
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  3. weak tight = easy money coming to you slowly - they don't call off a lot of chips, but they really don't put any pressure on you either

    TAG - Tight aggressive -> plays few hands but plays them aggressively

    LAG - Loose aggressive-> plays a lot of hands but plays them aggressively (there are two type of lag players - uber donks that are really just loose push bots, and guys (or girls named Annette) that will take your money - often using position to make it seem like they're playing too many hands, but when the money gets in, they've got the goods)
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  4. weak tight = ... oh ... nm
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  5. is it n00b day or something? what do these terms mean? high card or the board? what the hell...
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  6. yeah... fuck, what's with all these people trying to learn poker,
    that sucks
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  7. nothing wrong with learning the game, but these people have results, are playing on multiple sites and don't know LAG? or that 4 of a kind on the board includes the highest card in someone's hand?
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  8. Tag = Fun game
    Lag = Game killer
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  9. Tag = You're IT
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  10. What about FTW?
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  11. for the win

    Fearless AGgressive is another term out there
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  12. FTW? = "I am very confused by something. And dyslexic."
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  13. Now I understand why some are reluctant to post here anymore....because an innocent question results in being berated by somebody who is not at all established in the online poker world.
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  14. ^^^zing!
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  15. please, I'm not trying to berate anyone, but how can you play on 4 sites, be a member here and not be able to look up or figure out these really basic terms without generating this post? That's all I'm saying.
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  16. What about MBN? Which I keep seeing on here?
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  17. Well just to see what results came up, I searched LAG and TAG in the P5 search box. Not surprisingly, nothing of help generates. I also searched the terms at dictionary.com and again, nothing came up. How do you suggest that somebody find out what LAG and TAG mean without generating a post on a website designed to help those with poker questions? I bet 99% of the world would have no idea what those acronyms stand for, so its not like there is a vast assortment of information widely available to all. I have been playing poker for five years and it wasn't until a couple months ago when I first started playing online that I learned what a lot of these internet-only terms mean.
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  18. must be nice
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  19. weak tight = not SICKTIGHT
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  20. i just learned "fwiw" and "ffs" myself
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