1. What do you guys think are some of the most common online poker terms? Particularly terms that people who dont play online poker would not know?

    Examples are terms like Donkey, bad beat, 1-outer, etc.

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  3. Lagtard, Spew, pwned, M, rigged, ZOMG, etc...

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  4. AIDS

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  5. FCK YOU

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  6. lol nice.

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  7. pwned has to be the #1

    Also it is the most overused,annoying and gayest term out there.

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  8. obv

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  9. omgwtfbbqrofl

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  10. Its funny how the internet embraced a simple typo. D. Negreanu even prenouces it "pwned." I find humor in that.

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  11. so sick bro

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  12. ship it

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  13. standard.

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  14. dsafdsafsdag

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  15. Its not a poker term though.

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  16. Not a poker term, but definitely adopted as a widely overused "Online" poker term.

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  17. DIAGF

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  18. sdufhoiusafasoidjfoisdjof

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  19. BOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!

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  20. I cant stand poker talk for some reason.......You can be in the supermarket and walk by someone talkin w/ their buddy..........yea so i checked raised him on the double hoola hoop triple money backseat back shot draw.......and it was so sick bro he insta jammed on me ....ugh

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  21. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  22. woohoo and ownage,

    and obv gank owns

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  23. SMD - not a poker term per se but used very often at the tables, especially straight after a 1 outer.

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  24. rigged

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  25. Please Lee 1 time!

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  26. I agree. I even hate myself for saying things to my wife that are related to poker and should not belong in a real world conversation: "Z'oh my god, your friend broke her car? such bad beat sweet heart!"

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  27. Bulldozer will be soon written into common *poker* language.

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  28. LMB GFY

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  29. i can almost guarantee gg is # 1

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  30. mhrep

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