1. Every single Party Poker $50 Mtt I play in I get around top 40 out of 400. I hate this! Man, I Fing hate this! Do you want to know why I hate this so F ing much. Heres the reaosn. Its not becuasxe some donk sucked out on me or I lost a big race. Its because I make unessacary plays at about this time
    Im above average with 40 remaining. Yes, Im playing to win. i never play to get in the money.But, playing to win and making plays you dont have to are way different. Im just steamin g so bad. Beacause it seems like I do this, Mike Matosow Blow up thig, once a freakin day. And anfter you play nothing but solid poker all trourney long, U get this far and freakin blow it. Why do I do this? How many of you do this? I do it all the time. Getting better at it, but it seems after my blow up hand I just play like chit for the rerst of the day. Anyways, just want to hear some thoughts if anyone can help out bc right now I feel stupid..

    I need to post a stic ky on my comp that reads. "why are you doing that, you don't NEED to, DumbAss.

    P.s. sry for typos, typing pretty angry.
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  2. I do stupid stuff all the time. I get down to less than 10% of the field and I do something totally unecessary. This is what I have been doing lately and it has been working. If I do something stupid I excuse myself from the table and start swinging on myself. I come back to the table with a new attitude. GL.
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  3. Ruso i can relate. Two of the last three bodog MTT's I was in I made a move when i was close to the money to chip up... Well I was average or slightly below avg both times.. i didnt need to make a move but felt hey i have a super tight image, lets make a move. Then your steal raise gets called and you bet at the flop of course because you want to get your chips back and now you are short stacked... Not only shortstacked, but pissed because you donk'ed off a good number of chips..

    I am working on it and I do it less than before. Most tournaments i go out I am short and need to make a move and get called by a big stack. Almost every one of them I can pinpoint one hand where it was a donk I wanted to make, but didnt have to make that forced me to be short.

    GG tilt
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  4. well, you've identified the problem. my advice would just be to keep the change you need to make in mind and only make plays that you have a fair amount of confidence in. i wish i had the same problem. i have been donk'ed out of too many final 10%'s before the FT to count in the last two weeks.
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  5. lol, thanks for the help Nato, but I think you're just trying to get me to punch myself.
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  6. What, like laying down JJ against 77?
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  7. Ya base, your' def. right, I know my prob. and I know how to fix it, I think it is just good for me to post something as a reminder. Don't get me wrong, Ive been donked out of my fair share also but, I noticed myself doing this a lot alot. F me, why?
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  9. Grrr.
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  10. Shit happens, bro. Seems stupid when it backfires, but what about all the times it works out? You probably forget those when the next hand starts. Just stings more and you remember longer when it seems stupid. One thing I've found that can help this is to play 3 or 4 at a time. Sure you'll make a dumb play here and there or get sucked out on to get knocked out but usually in at least one of them you can withstand all these factors and have a result that you can live with and not feel like you wasted the last 3-6 hours. I used to only play 1-2 at a time because that's all I thought I could handle and still play my best. Just happened so many times that something like you mention happens and playing only 1 or 2 tournies its inevitable to get blanked often(plus its easier to get 'bored' or anxious and overplay). Since getting a better monitor that can handle 4 tabling I've found it's not much different than 2 tabling. switching to playing 3/4 at a time helps even out the variance and is easier to be satisified when its time to call it quits for the day.

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  11. Ya good post phat, I usually doplay 3 or 4 at once, but Ill talke all the info you all gave me and hopefully try to put it to good use.

    Thanks all for the help,
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  12. <html> <head> </head> <body> I am not being funny or glib when I write this:

    <span>If you look at what you don't want, you will get that.</span> It's a hypnosis principle.

    If you are driving and you hit a slick patch of ice, you have to look at where you want to go. If you look at the wall, you will hit the wall.

    Personally, I noticed that when I think, "Don't be the Bubble-Buy, Don't be the Bubble-Boy!"... guess what?


    Now, I think, "I'm winning this." I think this is also what changed with Matasow this year.

    TranceMaker </body> </html>
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  13. Trance i totally agree.... whenever i go in a tourney with an attitude that im gonna win the tourney and commit time to a tourney i always do very well... but when i sit down and just play to get in the money or play to get chips right away i play awful.... ruso keep it up on bodog buddy... lets 1,2 the TLB again

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