1. My collection of WSOP coverage is as follows:

    1988 (vhs)
    1989 (vhs)
    1990 (vhs)

    2003 (dvd)
    2004 (dvd)

    If anyone has previous footage on (90's) DVD or VHS, lets trade/loan (since its illegal to copy) :)

    I would be interested in seeing Stu play also..

    Private Message me or email info@steadysystems.com
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  2. I would love to have a copy of stu's last WSOP
    Is it even available...I have never seen it???????

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  3. (vhs)

    What is this? Will it work in my laserdisc player? Thx.
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  4. Yeah, it's available...ESPN Classic ran it last month sometime. It's a hoot when Gabe Kaplan asks "Can I get that $300 I loaned you a few years ago?" while interviewing Stuey with the pile of cash in front of him.

    Shades, I sent you a PM...I'd love to get the 88-90 WSOPs.
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  5. I have the entire collection on DVD. Go to Ebay, you can get it for about $50.

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  6. I will tell you that footage prior to 2002 really isn't that exciting since there aren't hole card cameras. It is good for about one watch, then you store it away.

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  7. u know what is funny, check out like 95, 96, or 97 and people in the audience are dressed like its 1983. i guess vegas is like a decade or more behind in fashion. lol
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  8. I like it without the hole cards. Some of them do have hole card displays though, I know 87-89 have them. But others inexplicably do not.
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  9. EDIT: Original Footage (not compilation DVDs or classic sports)
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  10. I agree, some have hole cards showing (post-prod edits). Love watching the older footage, you should see my NFL/NBA collection on VHS, I have hundreds recorded.
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