Black Tuesday ? or rather Blue Tuesday Online Poker Shutdown in Australia??????

    What I was going to post is "Can this be a mistake? ? Is anyone else experiencing this issue" . However I am now convinced that Poker has now been blocked online in Australia. Only took us how many years to catch up to USA? Problem is the 1984-esque decision of Black Friday has been overturned. When does the next supply ship hit our shores with mail from the new land, from the colonies of the USA?
    God save the Queen , because no forward thinking ,self respecting Australian will be looking to maintain that carcass.
    Will try get some info and throw it up here ,if I disappear give Alex Jones a copy of this post mentioning the almighty c-orgy worshiping Bentley mobility scooter using Jesuit lap dog, and may Alex Jones have mercy on us all.
    Vote YES on proposition 1 Australia is a backwater mess of legislation and yes men.
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  2. It is a very sad day for players living in Australia. PokerStars announced a few weeks ago that after the legislation was passed in Australia that they would no longer offer services after Sept. 11.
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  3. hi all
    can I please encourage all Australian players to join Australian Online Poker Alliance on facebook

    joseph has done an amazing job in trying to get our cause heard in the senate

    as of Tuesday there is a flickering light

    but we all need to stand united if we are to have a chance

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  4. why can we still play on other sites ?? I'm playing on ignition casino
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  5. what sites can I get on and which do you think are most reputable? Did you have any $ to withdraw from stars?
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  6. I like ignition poker ,same software as bodog ,doing great ,some good tourneys daily ,small fields ,up 7k this week =) yea withdrew from stars its automatic when loggingin
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  7. still cant get used to ignition,atm I have trouble getting it to connect and the only valid or least sus game is their speed/zoom/whatever poker tables.Six max is basically them plonking you on a table and players holding out till river for straight or two pair Tc4d.blow my $20 on craps or something and never look back,in the meantime monitoring my bank in case it goes for a walk without its owner.
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  8. Try American's Card Room, they have good cash games and a decent MTT schedule with fair guarantees. Most importantly they are Reg friendly, which is more than I can say for the other US sites. The software is decent and they accept bitcoin from numerous sites for deposits and withdrawals.

    Sorry to hear your country is suffering the same fate as ours. Good luck!
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