Bryan Micon charged
  1. Nevada charged Bryan Micon, according to Las Vegas Review Journal.


    Court papers filed Monday state that Micon operated Seals with Clubs, which accepted Bitcoin digital currency, between March 1, 2014 and Feb. 9, 2015 “without first procuring and thereafter maintaining in effect the required licenses.”

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  2. This is landmark, right? I wonder if other bitcoin sites will close to NV players now. Here's our article about it:

    Is he still in Antigua?
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  3. He has started a gofundme to raise money for a Defense.
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    He has started a gofundme to raise money for a Defense.

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  5. An article that appeared in the Las Vegas Review-Journal outlined an investigation by Nevada authorities into SealsWithClubs:
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  6. Former SealsWithClubs head Bryan Micon is returning to the US to face gambling charges. An arrest warrant for Micon was issued on April 28:
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  7. Former SealsWithClubs owner Bryan Micon has pleaded guilty to "operating an unlicensed interactive gaming system," but will not receive jail time:
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  8. Interesting article!
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  9. Micon was sentenced to 2 years' probation and fined $25K:
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