Canada Poker Legislation (Montreal)
  1. Hi all,

    I'm actually thinking about moving from Europe to Montreal (Canada) to play online poker. I want to know how is the law right now there.
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  2. Montreal is in Quebec and I am in Ontario but I don't think there is any difference in the laws from province to province. Not yet at least.

    Canada is still fairly lax as far as online poker. Winnings aren't taxed, but our dollar is low compared to the US dollar at the moment so if you have to make a deposit you will be out 25%. of course if you cash out well...

    you will have to setup deposit and withdrawal thru ebank, its easy and perhaps what you currently have setup will work here. There are other methods of course but direct deposits/ withdrawals is a very simple route.

    BTW Montreal is a world class city, and a great place to visit, so I assume a great place for a young fella to live. They have Casino de Montreal there. I have only been once, year's ago but you should find all the gaming you need there if you do decide to venture out.

    Perhaps a local Montrealer could offer a lot better insight to the city than me

    Good Luck
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