So this bill passed in the Illinois Senate in May and now we are waiting on a decision from the House. Is this real? How quickly will we be up and running?
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  2. Hey - So far, it seems relatively unlikely to get through the House and be signed by the Governor, a staunch iGaming opponent. I've been following this situation closely and will update ITT if anything changes.
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  3. Haven't read it but Illinois sucks so going to guess that what happened for years with the racetracks trying to get slots is going to happen here too.

    The bill will pass through congress

    It will either sit in the governors desk and nothing will get done or he will veto it.

    Rinse repeat.

    Ironically now every street corner has a slot place, but the tracks still can't have them. Bunch of fucking geniuses in This state.
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  4. So... your saying there's a chance!?
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    Originally Posted by DaddyDuck View Post

    So... your saying there's a chance!?

    Lol. Give it 10-20 years.
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  6. :(
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