1. I just posted about this on the Pennsylvania Local Community:


    There's a pretty good chance the bill that came out of committee today will get passed, although there are some serious areas of concern, namely the 54% tax rate on online casino revenue and massive $5m licensing fees for both poker and casino.

    While the 54% tax rate on online casino games is more a concern for operators and casino affiliates, the $5m licensing fee for poker should concern poker players who want this passed. All New Jersey poker sites combined for less than $2m in revenue in April, and the highest-earning individual poker site was PokerStars, which grossed under $800,000 for the month.

    If no site in NJ can count on grossing more than about $10 million over the course of an entire year, few, if any, would risk that kind of up front fee for a spot in a similar-sized online poker market.

    The upside for the US poker community is huge if we can somehow get a workable law passed in PA. New York is currently close to passing poker legislation as well, and many people have concluded that New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania players will all be at the same tables within a couple years. But it only works if there's sufficient upside to joining the market.

    Here's a link to the law that came out of committee today:

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  2. Couple resources about this:

    Make your voice heard here: https://theppa.org/pa-alert/

    First article at Online Poker Report about what the law contains: https://www.onlinepokerreport.com/25...g-bill-senate/
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  3. Thanks for posting.

    The start up fees and 54% do seem high. Hopefully they are amended before the final version. But seems like pokerstars would be willing to put up $5 million if they could make that back within 6-7 months while staking claim in another state that could be part of a larger network in the future.

    Hopefully it works out and states are linked sooner rather than later!
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    Originally Posted by sqorpien View Post

    Hopefully it works out and states are linked sooner rather than later!

    Yeah, this is the real upside for Stars and 888, possibly Party. Being in every market, and hoping to eventually have a large combined market that's much more profitable than the individual markets on their own.

    And for players, this would be much better as well
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  5. Update:

    The PA Senate has PASSED the bill!

    Now it goes to the House. We'll see if it comes up soon for a vote, or if there are changes made. Considering the excessive licensing and taxation costs built in, there's likely still to be some pushback from the industry.
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  6. it`s time to legalise it...
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