1. Hiiii! Just wondering if it’s possible for my Finnish partner who comes to Australia for a couple of months to play online poker here (legally)? :) We’ve been searching the internet for an answer but haven’t found any yes or no -answers. Thanks for your help!
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  2. i believe the answer is no.
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  3. your partner can play online poker on a poker site called Ignition.

    be warned you can only withdraw $1500 minimum to your bank account directly.
    min withdraw for bitcoin is $20 and you can also withdraw min withdrawal of $20 to cheque.

    Unless your partner has a bank account I wouldn't suggest this unless you are depositing and withdrawing with bitcoin.

    also you can only withdraw once every 3 months otherwise there is a fee of $50 to withdraw.

    for example:

    I play $5/10 tables on ignition I cash out once every 3 months here in australia with cheque even if its over the $1500 mark it takes 3-4 days to clear from your ignition account 1-3 days to come in the mail and 1-3 days to clear into your bank account!

    I do this once every 3 months.

    Other then that there is no where to play online poker in australia unless you use PPPoker but they are shady and you never know if you are going to get your money or not.
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