Switzerland`s new gambling law will ban all international online gambling sites!
  1. In June our council of states supported a submission from our local casinolobby and voted with 41:0!!! for a new law, which will ban international online gambling sites for all swiss citizens. When our national council supports this submission as well, which is likely going to happen when they vote in the early 2017, we could expect internet bans in Summer next year! Local casinos want to build an online gambling monopoly, even though to this day, they dont even have a real offer.

    Its crazy that they supports a law, which will bring internet bans, and there is absolutely no critical voice within the government. Some People call it lobbying, i call it corruption. No mather which topic, which politicial party or which country, most of them are bought by the economic elite. Well enough of my conspiracy theory, here comes my question mainly to the swiss, but actually to the whole poker community:

    Is it safe to go online with VPN or something like that, with an IP from another state?
    Do i need theoretically a residence in this country as well, or can i still keep my swiss residence on Pokerstars for example?
    Are there people who will emigrate because of this?

    Have a nice Sunday Grind!
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  2. If it was in the rest of Europe, many of the poker sites would likely continue offering online poker since the law would be considered likely to be illegal if taken to the European Court of Justice.

    However, since Switzerland is neither part of the EU or EEA, they are likely not subject to the EC. I could be (and hope I am) wrong here.
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  3. Thanks for the input. Im not sure with that eighter.

    I read that there is a possibility, that international gambling companies could apply for a license.
    I`m afraid the swiss market is just too small to do that tho.
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  4. If it's not ring-fenced, they will probably apply. Many do apply in as small or smaller markets than Switzerland. Estonia is a good example with PokerStars licensed there.
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  5. Same in Portugal. All the big sites left and had to reapply for a licence. 18months later and nothing has happened although pokerstars has applied. The market is too small for many especially because the licence didn´t make it very attractive.

    A VPN should work (depending on how well they detect these things) BUT you will probably need a registered address and proof of that address in the "host" country.
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  6. So are you living in Portugal atm? If, how are you playing from there? Or do you have a local online gambling offer?

    Yea exactly!

    Thats what i thought, and it is not too hard to get a registered address from a friend in a pokerfriendly country.
    Still if they start to ask questions it could lead to problems i guess.
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  7. The mainly corrupted national Council of Switzerland voted today with 147 : 32 for local Internet Bans. Our local gambling lobby from SwissCasino / Swisslotto was too powerful and the swiss politicians obviously too weak.
    This was a small step towards dictatorship and a big step against freedom of Choice.

    This new gambling law is representing a small group of Investors and casino owners and obviously not the swiss citizens. Our federal Council with Simonetta Sommaruga at front is the main reason that this unconstitutional law got through. Its one more thing to be ashamed of beeing a swiss citizen along with the fact that our population lives in enourmous wealth because of companies as Novartis, Nestle, UBS, Credit Suisse and many more which steal or speculate with ressources from the third world. If not stolen then bought from a dictator with an enslaved Population for a very weak price.
    People think Africas Gov is corrupted, here almost everyone is, hiding behind the smokescreen of lobbyism.

    I dont know yet, when exactly we can expect internet bans, but i dont think it will last longer than summer. To all swiss citizens. Boycott SwissCasino / Swisslos / Swisslotto, and keep grinding!
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