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Welcome to the PocketFives.com public forums, where we aim to engage in meaningful conversation on a number of topics. You have to register before you can post. If you haven't done that yet, join our community by clicking here and creating your username and profile.

This board is monitored by PocketFives Administrators and approximately 20 volunteer forum moderators. Below are the rules we use to moderate all our public forums. Please abide by these rules to keep the P5s experience enjoyable for everyone.

If you have any questions concerning published content on these boards, please do not hesitate to click the "Report Post" link located at the bottom of each post (the exclamation point icon). This will send the post in question, along with any comments you provide, directly to a private forum that is frequented by our moderators. Do NOT send a PM/email to admins/moderators if you have a moderation question, as it will not be replied to. We have the Report Post function in place so individual issues can be viewed by all moderators, and all our members are expected to use it.

Discussion of our moderation policies and/or decisions on the boards will be deleted as it just compounds the problem -- we cannot make everyone happy with every decision, and it's unrealistic that our staff should have to answer to public criticism every time the moderators do their job. Please visit our Contact Us page to determine who to contact about various site issues. Posting moderation complaints on the public boards will generally result in a suspension of posting privileges.

If your account is banned, the decision is final. You may contact support@pocketfives.com for review of the decision, but emails generally will not be replied to until the ban period has expired. Ban dodging (creating another account while banned) will likely result in an extension of your current ban. If the reason for your ban is covered in the forum rules, you will simply receive a reply with a link to this page (or no reply at all). FORUM POLICIES ARE NOT UP FOR PUBLIC/PRIVATE DEBATE, so please read the forum rules before posting, as your account privileges can be suspended for not following ANY of the rules outlined here.

Global Forum Rules

Account Creation

Creating an account here at PocketFives and posting on the boards is a PERMANENT decision. While some accounts are banned, we will NOT delete an account or remove an account's post history... NO EXCEPTIONS.

Correct Forum

Poker strategy and hand advice topics belong in the Poker Advice and Strategy forum. Other topics related to poker should be posted in the Poker Community forum. Topics related to poker sites belong in the Poker Sites forum. Bad beat hand histories and variance related topics should be posted in the Bad Beats Forum. Discussion not related to poker belongs in the Off Topic forum.

We also have a private High Stakes MTT forum. It can be viewed by all PocketFives members, but only qualified members may post in it.

Inappropriate Content

Porn, sexism, racism, and anything else that may be offensive to a large group of people is not allowed on PocketFives. Posts of this nature should be deleted.

Copyrighted Text

Do not post full-text copyrighted material on PocketFives. You can post the title, the first paragraph (or a select few sentences) and a link to the source. Any full-text work will be deleted. DMCA Notice

Spam and Solicitation

Any promotional posts by users, specifically posts providing some sort of affiliate link or posts that mention other websites, are to be deleted right away. Requests to buy or sell goods are also not allowed. Another type of solicitation not allowed is a post asking people to contact you privately or creating a thread linking to your content on another site. Surveys that are external to PocketFives or direct our members elsewhere should be deleted as well. Posting your AIM, Skype or MSN, or Yahoo! name asking for someone to contact you there or join your group is NOT ALLOWED. These threads will be deleted. You CAN post a link to your personal Twitter account or blog (assuming no affiliate links are present), but only in this thread.

Training Sites and Coaching

If you have a question or feedback about Training Sites and/or Coaching, you will need to post it in our Poker Coaching and Training Sites Feedback Thread. Separate threads will be merged into that one. Training site instructors and private coaches are NOT allowed to advertise/post their services on the public boards.

Private Coaching

If you are interested in hiring a private poker coach, you should consult the PocketFives Coaches Directory. PocketFives has no involvement in private deals made between students and coaches. Any feedback on coaches will need to be posted in the Poker Coaching and Training Sites Feedback Thread.

Rakeback/Propping Discussion

PocketFives has a forum set up to discuss the PocketFives Rakeback Program. Discussion and/or promotion of other rakeback providers is NOT allowed anywhere on PocketFives.com. Any post regarding rakeback in the Poker Advice and Strategy Forum will either be moved to the Rakeback Forum or deleted, depending on the content of the post. Posts about propping will be deleted.

Off Topic Replies/Trolling

Replying in a thread with something that is completely irrelevant/unhelpful is not allowed. "Level" posts or other replies that spread disinformation will be deleted, as the point of any forum is to encourage others to contribute, not to serve as a means for certain members to hoard attention at the expense of others. Trolls (those who post unhelpful, irrelevant replies) will be blocked from posting on the forums, as they have a direct negative impact on advancing the common goal shared by this site, the poker industry, and fellow poker players of attracting new players to the game.

Issues with Thread Titles

Don't post a thread title in ALL CAPS. Your post isn't more important than all the other threads in the forum (even if you think it is). Threads with titles in ALL CAPS will be deleted. In addition, when making your thread title, try to summarize the idea of your thread, so that people have some idea of what they're opening before clicking through.

Forum Abuse

Posts that fall into this category include "bump" posts, where a user replies to a thread in an effort to move it to the top of the forum. The life of a thread should be determined in large part by its natural popularity and any artificial means to keep a particular thread near the top of the boards should be removed. Another subset of this category is "scrolling," where a user posts several repeated threads in a short period of time (in one or more forums). Other forms of forum abuse include hyper-posting and post-count padding.

Money Transfer Requests

All money transfer requests must be posted in the Official Site to Site Transfer Request Thread. No new threads may be created with site-to-site transfer requests. Requests for transfers via any other method except a poker site will be deleted.


Poker players who are looking for backing or would like to stake another player should post in our Staking Forums only. Please see the Stakers Forum and Stakees Forum for more information.


While we allow arguments on our forums that often become heated, replies that get personal will be removed. If a thread is started with the sole purpose of berating or attacking another person, it will be deleted.

Charity Events/Threads

Posting about a private charity event is NOT ALLOWED. Consult this thread for more information.

Official PocketFives Events, Services and Promotions

Promotions and features that are exclusive to PocketFives are the sole responsibility of PocketFives Admins. This includes the PocketFives Open, PocketFives Rakeback, PocketFives Rankings, and any other promotion that PocketFives sponsors or arranges with a poker site. Forum moderators are NOT responsible for PocketFives services and promotions in any way. You will need to contact an administrative member for additional information on related topics.

Posting of Personal Information

PMs should remain private. Posting someone's private information (address, telephone number, etc.) is also prohibited.

Forum Badges

Badges are meant to reward PocketFivers' accomplishments. Creation of fake badges is not allowed anywhere on the site.

Profit-Based Statistics

Bringing attention to a player's profit-based statistics from another site or program in any way that could be construed as negative is prohibited.

Subscription Services

Creating a thread/post soliciting free access to a premium service on another website is prohibited.

Multiple Accounts

We have a general policy of one account to person here at PocketFives. Creating a multiple account does a disservice to the community, and could result in you being blocked from posting on these boards.

Criticism of Advertising

As more scandals have happened in poker (AP, UB, Cake, etc.) more and more posters feel like it is their obligation to police the advertising on PocketFives. This will not be tolerated on the public forums. If you feel an ad is offensive to you, you can privately communicate with any Admin. Note that is it not against the rules to criticize a poker site whether or not it is an advertiser -- in fact, such threads happen nearly every day on PocketFives and are an important part of any poker forum.

Site Responsibility vs. Personal Entitlement

The staff and moderation team at PocketFives are NOT responsible for any individual comment or opinion expressed on these boards or in articles. Furthermore, individual members are NOT entitled to mandating public opinions to their liking. Specifically, it is not the forum's responsibility to provide readers and posters exclusively with opinions they agree with or even enjoy. Public forums promote the publication of a wide variety of personal views, which will result in an incrementally higher chance of encountering an opinion or comment that provokes disagreement in relation to the amount of time an individual spends in the forums.

Similarly, the staff and moderation team are NOT responsible for personal issues of an individual or group, regardless of whether they are poker related. This includes, but is not limited to: (a) bad beats, (b) personal ailments or conditions -- physical or mental, (c) personal projects, (d) poker results -- good or bad, (e) perceived popularity/importance within the community, (f) financial situation, and (g) personal circumstances or morals. Members are NOT entitled to preferential treatment on the boards due to their personal situation, views or values (even if they think they are). Attempts to persuade forum decisions by invoking any of the above-listed reasons will be ignored.

Furthermore, members are NOT entitled to a personal reply from a PocketFives Administrator regarding moderation issues covered in the Forum Rules. Private messages and emails sent to our staff that are covered in this thread will simply receive a reply linking to this page (or no reply at all). The responsibility of PocketFives Administrators to site and community-related tasks supersedes any member's desire to debate and/or need for attention.

Responsibility of Forum Moderators

Members who have earned MODERATOR status on PocketFives have done so due to their post history, activity on the site, and willingness to maintain the forums relevant and useful to the community as a whole. They are NOT formal employees of PocketFives, but rather VOLUNTEERS who ARE entitled to their opinions, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH THEM. PocketFives does NOT mandate the personal opinion of any forum moderator. The ONLY responsibility they have is to moderate forum content in accordance with the Forum Rules.

Along those same lines, opinions expressed by forum moderators DO NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT the opinions/views of PocketFives, the PocketFives brand, its staff or administrators. Fellow members ARE entitled to publicly disagree with the opinions of forum moderators just like all other members. Such criticism by any member should always focus on the opinions/topic of interest and NOT become personal. Furthermore, all posting members ARE entitled to criticize/disagree with opinions expressed by PocketFives Administrators, EXCEPT FOR MODERATION ISSUES.

Claims against other forums

If you have an issue with another forum (including being banned), you will need to take it up with the appropriate representatives OF THAT FORUM. Posts that bring up issues from other forums will be deleted.

Infinite Content Clause/Retroactive Situations

The content on PocketFives is constantly updating, and theoretically limitless in nature. Although several automated features exist on this site, the maintenance of public content is managed by humans. At any given time, the collective knowledge/memory of forum moderators will be LESS THAN the aggregate published material. Although a member may encounter an archived post that is questionable or even breaks the current forum rules, individual members are NOT entitled to use this as a means to influence forum content or justify breaking the forum rules in the present. If the archived content in question is less than a week old, the poster is encouraged to express his/her grievance by clicking the REPORT POST link (exclamation point icon) at the bottom of the corresponding post so it can be reviewed by our moderation team.

Responsible Gambling

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, you are encouraged to seek help. Some major sites offer "exclusion" services to poker players worldwide as a means to promote responsible gambling. In addition, the National Council on Problem Gambling offers a TOLL FREE, 24-HOUR CONFIDENTIAL HOTLINE 1-800-522-4700 for United States poker players who would like to seek help.

Admin Discretion

This is not a complete list of everything possible that posters can do incorrectly on PocketFives. While this encompasses most of the common violations, PocketFives reserves the right to delete a post or suspend posting privileges at any time, and for any reason as we see fit. As a general rule, don't do anything you wouldn't want a user to do on a forum that you were running.