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Naked Poker cash out problems


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ssydd    0

Anyone ever have problems with this site or know how to contact their support other than the very slow to respond to emails.

My wife tried to cash out 3 weeks ago and they said the money went to her bank account but the bank said they never received anything. The bank assured her it has nothing to do with the unlawful gaming act that passed. She has written a number of emails and they take for ever to respond and have not been helpful. Its not alot of money but the principle of it. The last email said her emails have all been forwarded to the accounting department but they are incredibly slow to respond.

Any suggestions? Is this a legit site? It was on the cover of Cardplayer a short time ago.

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QQuadzilla    0

How do you expect to cash out your strip poker winnings threw a web based site? You really expected them to send you your articles of clothing threw an EFT? Strip poker online must be lame...

Chat Box:

PokerSkank: nh, now take off your shirt.

FreeBaller: I did.

PokerSkank: how do i believe you?

FreeBaller: my nipples are hard, trust me.

PokerSkank: take a pic and e-mail me...PokerSkank@g-mail.com

FreeBalleer: No cam...

PokerSkank: I win again, nh, now take off your pants

FreeBaller: already a step ahead of you...

PokerSkank: I hope so...

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I promoted them for a while as an affiliate and was due to recieve a payment as an affiliate. This was well over two months ago. Since then I have been fighting with them and never been paid. I have been told about twelve times that it would be taken care of. The most recent communication I received from them, they gave me a dead hotmail address of some guy they named and said I should contact HIM about my trouble. When I wrote back to say it wasn't a valid address, they never responded. I have since given up and no longer promote them, but I have left a negative review up on my site.

I work with two other rooms on their network (Tony G and Games Grid) and am nothing but pleased with them, they are fine. Naked Poker, though, seems to have some very shady practices and I believe your wife is out of luck.

Try using a site like http://www.casinomeister.com to complain. I am in the process of submitting complaints to player/affiliate advocate organizations to get the money. Just like you, it's not a ton of money-- it's the principle. I think they're a dishonest operation, or at least too disorganized to deal with their customers.

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