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$25,500 HU -- now registering again. not 64max


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i bet there would be many players entering 500 or even 1k satelites to this event.

ftp held a lot of those for PLO. and they were all full long before the start of the satelites.

just because ucant dream about playing a tourney over 200 dollars, try to understand that others might be willing to spend as much as 1k to get a shot at the 25k HU tournament.

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LOL...just LOL @ #1Pen going out the first round. He is one of the best players I have ever seen. Some of you posting here and making comments about things you know nothing about are just plain pathetic. GL #1Pen.

You don't know anything about #1PEN's deep stacked heads up NL game either. You probably don't know anything about his NL MTT game either, other than the assorted hours you have railed him deep in tournaments knowing nothing of his hole cards other than his hands shown down. Posting here and making comments about things you know nothing about are just plain pathetic.

Oh and it is almost definitely out of his bankroll if you are going by the standard extremely safe bankroll guidelines or whatever. However its a little different when the tournament is like a once a year shot, its not like he is consistently playing 25k hu tourneys. I don't think theres anything wrong with Peter playing in this tournament from a bankroll standpoint, at all.

GL Peter, go for it, I'll be your biggest fan forever, and I hope you win.

And yes I know more than anyone in this world about #1PEN, his poker game, and how much money he has.

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